Muller: Brewers Get K-Rod; Cubs Still StinkTuesday July 12th, 2011, should go down as one of the best days ever for baseball lovers in the Brew City, and I must admit, as a lifetime member of the long suffering Cubs stings.
Muller: U.S. Women Win One Of The Most Memorable Games EverIn my 31 years on this planet, I have witnessed some pretty entertaining sporting events.
Muller: Will Deron Williams Set Trend During NBA Lockout?Former University of Illinois basketball star Deron Williams may just become a trend setter with NBA basketball players IF the NBA lockout lasts for an extended period of time.
Muller: Canadian Doctor Pleads Guilty To Smuggling HGH Into U.S.If you are a professional athlete and you were associated with Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea in the past, you are probably feeling a little uneasy right about now.
Muller: NFL Labor Dispute Hits A Snag; Retired Players File LawsuitWell, it is now the beginning of July and the NFL owners and the current players are still trying to agree to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement that would end what has become a ridiculous standoff between the two sides.
Muller: Boxing Needs Mayweather vs. Pacquiao BadlyBoxing fans don't want to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz. They want to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, and the sport needs it to happen as well.
Muller: Americans Booed On Home Soil?If you were to ask me to watch the MLS, the English Premier League, La Liga, or any other professional soccer league, I would tell you that I have better things to watch, like paint drying, or grass growing.
Muller: The 2011 NBA Draft Was Boring At BestThe 2011 NBA Draft came and went Thursday night without much excitement at all. Well, I rarely get excited about any draft--no matter the sport--but Thursday night was just so...blah.
Muller: Still Think LeBron Is Better Than MJ, Scottie?When the Chicago Bulls finally decided to honor Scottie Pippen with a statue inside the United Center, I was one of the first people to say that it was long past due.
Muller: Miami Heat On The Brink Of Elimination, That's Fine By MeEver since the Miami Heat eliminated the Chicago Bulls in that joke of a series known as the Eastern Conference finals last month, I felt like I could literally get sick at the thought of the Miami Heat hoisting up the Larry O' Brien Trophy.
Muller: Allen Iverson Wants To Return To The NBA, Would You Take Him?Once upon a time, Allen Iverson was one of the best players in the NBA. Quite simply, when Allen Iverson was in his prime, the man was an absolute beast on the basketball court.
Muller: Pryor Couldn't Get Out Of His Own Way At Ohio StateEveryone has a defining moment in life. You don’t know when it is going to happen to you, but you know that somehow…someday….someway…it WILL happen.
Muller: Big Z Is Right, The Cubs Are 'Embarrassing'Carlos Zambrano has been quite the “character” during his time with the Chicago Cubs. From his outbursts at himself, the umpires, the media, his teammates and seemingly anything or anyone else that gets in his way, Carlos is never one to hide how he really feels.
Muller: I Say Bravo Barry BondsI don’t care if he did or didn’t use steroids or any other type of performance-enhancing drug: Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of the past 30-plus years…and likely one of the top five players of all-time.
Muller: The Bulls Magic Number: Nine?After watching the Bulls do everything in their power to lose another game to the Heat in Game 4 of the conference Finals last night in Miami, Florida, the number nine--not three--is the number that popped into my head for the Bulls…not three.