'I Need $50K By Next Tuesday:' Chicago Small Businesses Hurting Because Of COVID-19"We really cold use some tax breaks."
New Business Owners Find It's A Mistake To Work For Free"Underpricing is probably the biggest mistake most companies make. The perception is that your product doesn't have any value."
Uneasy About The Economy, Some Businesses Hold Off On HiringBefore the recession, the philosophy at many companies was to hire in anticipation of higher revenue. Now, the approach is to put off hiring until rising revenue justifies taking on the added expense and risk.
New City Reforms Help Entrepreneurs And Small BusinessesThe city is proposing sweeping changes to make it easier for entrepreneurs to open new businesses and promising to reduce the red tape.
New Reforms To Support Small BusinessesThe Mayor said the new plan will reduce costs for businesses, simplify the licensing process, increase transparency, support start-up and innovative businesses, and reduce the burden of inspections for all businesses.
Rauner Signs Executive Order Designed To Cut Red Tape Burdening Small BusinessesIllinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Monday an Executive Order designed to cut red tape that reduce over-regulation, and—his office says—to Grow the Economy.
Roosevelt Mom-And-Pop Stores Disappear As Big Companies Move In"Mom and pop" stores along Roosevelt Road in the South Loop are going away, unable to afford higher rents now that big stores are moving in.
Emanuel Touts Expansion Of Small Business ProgramTwo weeks before the election, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced $5 million in new funding has become available to help small businesses in Chicago.
Some Small Businesses Optimistic About 2015We’re not talking about record profits for these small businesses. It’s more about a confident feeling that the economy is chugging along at a pace where they can expand. CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports.
Proposal Would Make Illinois Small Businesses Give Retirement Accounts To Employees If you work for a small business, would you want the state of Illinois involved with your retirement account?
2 Investigators: Consultant Accused Of Ripping Off Small BusinessesThey wanted to start a small business or expand one, then they lost thousands of dollars to a Chicago company they paid to help them.