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Two Naperville Women Arrested After Trying To Block 'Smart Meters'Their arrests were the culmination of a two-year battle against “smart meter” installation in Naperville.
3 'Smart Meters' Have Caused Fires At Customers' Homes, ComEd SaysThe announcement comes two weeks after a Philadelphia utility under the same ownership as ComEd stopped installing smart meters after one of them set fire to a home and 14 other devices overheated.
Naperville 'Smart Meter' Opponent Bolts Old Electrical Meter To HouseOne of the Naperville activists opposed to smart electrical meters says she has bolted her old meter to the house, and others in the group are joining her.
Some Worry About Naperville's New 'Smart Meters'The high-tech method being rolled out by the western suburb does not pass muster with small but vocal minority of residents who say there could be adverse health effects.