Chosen Few Festival To Celebrate 'Love, Unity And Music' Spins On Saturday"It represents love, unity and music. Chicago has been getting a bad rap, as far as the city is concerned. It shows the good side of Chicago. It shows the great side of the people of Chicago. That’s what I think the majority of Chicago is anyway."
Tow Zone Sign In Front Of West Chesterfield Salon To Stay: '60 Years And All Of A Sudden You Can't Park Across The Street'The "no parking" sign on east 95th Street in West Chesterfield was installed last week right in front of Phil Smith's hair salon. 
After CBS 2's Inquiry, Tow Zone Sign In Front Of Salon Will Go Down"I'm taking it personal because a lot of my customers. They're handicapped. They're seniors," said Phil Smith, the owner of Perfect Touch Salon.
Dwyane Wade Memoir To Be Published This FallIt will focus on the "essential principles" of Wade's life and career. Wade tells of his rise from Chicago's South Side to NBA stardom.
Woman Claiming To Be Tionda Bradley, Who Went Missing 18 Years Ago, Was Lying: FamilyA Texas woman says she's Tionda Bradley, who went missing from her Chicago home with her sister Diamond nearly two decades ago.
Father Pfleger Hopes 'We Report Violence' Signs Can Combat The Problem"They don't just have to look for a police car. They can look for a neighbor."
MISSING: Angela Young, 30, From Grand CrossingAngela Young, 30, has been reported missing and endangered, according to Chicago police. 
Father Pfleger Invites Minister Farrakhan To St. Sabina To Talk Facebook BanLast Thursday, the social media company banned Farrakhan as well as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Nehlen, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer.
15-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot In Wentworth GardensA 15-year-old boy was fatally shot in Wentworth Gardens just before 3 a.m. Sunday.
Ashes Found In Foreclosed South Side Home Returned To FamilyReal estate investor Mark Wallace stumbled upon an unlikely discovery when he entered a South Side home recently.
MISSING: Mack Cummings, 23, Last Seen On Chicago's South Side April 21A 23-year-old man, Mack Cummings, was reported missing from Chicago's South Side, police said.