Super Snow Moon, 2019's Biggest Supermoon, Lights Up The SkyTechnically, the supermoon will reach its peak on Tuesday morning at 10:54 a.m. ET, but it won't be visible then. Instead, keep an eye out Monday and Tuesday night.
NASA Finds 'Water Ice' On The Surface Of The MoonScientists have long believed that water ice could exist in the ever-dark recesses at the moon's poles and that belief has finally been confirmed in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Aug. 20.
Best Times To See The Perseid Meteor Shower? Early Sunday And MondayThe forecast in the Chicago area looks good for viewing the phenomenon.
New Radio Telescope Picks Up Mysterious Signal From SpaceA new radio telescope in Canada is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as "fast radio bursts" (FRBs).
Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Coming This WeekendThe annual Perseid meteor showers are coming this weekend.
Pluto Fans: Calling Objects Beyond Pluto 'Planet Nine' Is InsensitivePluto fans — and scientists — are taking umbrage with those who call another possible ‘further’ planet, ‘Planet Nine.’
All Eyes On MarsThe planet Mars has not been this close to the planet Earth in more than a decade. Eager eyes are aimed at the heavens.
Stephen Hawking Buried In Westminster AbbeyThe 900-year-old abbey is the resting place of a pantheon of British historical figures, including kings and queens, political leaders and writers including Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens.
Small Asteroid Hits Earth Hours After Being Spotted By AstronomersA small asteroid slammed into Earth's atmosphere on June 2 just a few hours after it was discovered racing toward the planet, according to NASA.
'Lost' Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth TodayAn asteroid that was lost by tracking satellites eight years ago has been spotted again as it prepares to make a close pass by the Earth on May 15.
SpaceX Launch Of First "block 5" Falcon 9 Rocket Scrubbed To FridaySpaceX tried to launch an upgraded version of its Falcon 9 rocket Thursday, the first of a new breed featuring more powerful engines and a host of other improvements designed to make the booster safer and easier to launch on multiple missions, but the countdown suddenly stopped with less than a minute to go and after a few more minutes of troubleshooting the flight was scrubbed for the day.