Bernstein: Stacey King Needs To Pull BackStacey King’s TV analysis of Bulls games is zooming over the water toward the ramp, as onlookers crowd the beachfront.
Photo: Stacey King Bobblehead Fans heading to the Bulls-Trail Blazers game at the United Center on Friday will receive a Stacey King talking bobblehead.
Bernstein: Rose's Injury A Big DealDerrick Rose tears ligaments in his ankle, and fans react afterward as if he came out of the game with a hangnail. Am I the only person aware of what’s at stake, here?
Bernstein: Bulls Above The ThugsStacey King called for retaliation. Pacers hoodlum Jeff Foster had just knocked Derrick Rose to the floor, inciting another heated exchange of words between the teams, and King had some words of his own.
King: 'Noah Is A Modern Day Dennis Rodman'The Chicago Bulls were without center Joakim Noah for 30 games. While they were still able to 22-8 over that stretch, they're a much more dangerous team with him in the lineup, despite his less than perfect looking shot.
Rose Made Statment In Win Over Heat, He's The MVPGoing into Thursday night's game against the Miami Heat, Derrick Rose's name was at forefront of the MVP discussion. After the game, Rose may have pulled away and ended any need for further discussion.
King: Bulls Will Be 'Scary' With Noah In LineupJoakim Noah is expected to return to the Chicago Bulls' lineup in the first game after the upcoming All-Star break. Once Noah is back in the lineup, the Bulls will go from a good team to a "scary" team.
King: Like Jordan, Rose Plays Through PainDerrick Rose has been suffering from stomach ulcers for close to a week. And despite the pain, Rose not only played on Friday and Saturday, you wouldn't have known he was injured.
Bernstein: As Rose Grows, King BloomsThe last thing Derrick Rose wants to do is talk about his game. Ask him about any of his violent dunks or contortionist rushes to the rim, and he looks like you just told him he’s headed to a three-hour dentist appointment.