Jury Enters Second Day Of Deliberating Drew Peterson's FateJurors Thursday will resume weighing whether Is Drew Peterson a cold-blooded killer, or a victim of an overzealous prosecution.
Peterson Attorney: Prosecutors 'Trying To Nail Jell-O To A Tree'A defense attorney for Drew Peterson told jurors Tuesday that prosecutors "are trying to nail Jell-O to a tree," and have no evidence that Peterson killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio.
Peterson Defense Team 'Anxious' As Closing Arguments ApproachAnxious -- that's how one of Drew Peterson's defense attorney's described himself the day before closing arguments in Peterson’s murder trial.
Closing Arguments In Drew Peterson Trial Set To Begin TuesdayJurors in the Drew Peterson murder trial will hear closing arguments after the Labor Day weekend and presumably begin deliberations soon after.
Drew Peterson Won't Testify; Defense Rests Its CaseDrew Peterson’s defense team has rested its case, after Peterson informed the judge he won't be testifying on his own behalf.
Prosecution Rests Case In Drew Peterson TrialThe prosecution has rested its case in the Drew Peterson's murder trial.
Drew Peterson Trial Wraps For The WeekThe Drew Peterson trial has wrapped for the week.
Minister: Stacy Said Drew Peterson Told Her To Lie To PoliceThe pastor to Drew Peterson's fourth wife testified Thursday that Stacy told him Drew asked her to lie to the police the day after Kathleen Savio's death.
Report: Drew Peterson Gets Slew Of Love Letters From WomenDrew Peterson is on trial for the murder of one wife and suspected in the disappearance of another, but, he apparently still seems like a catch to some women.
Witness: Peterson Offered Me $25,000 To Find HitmanA former cable company co-worker of Drew Peterson's was on the witness stand in Peterson’s trial Wednesday morning, testifying about a request to hire a hitman.
Peterson Judge To Allow 'Hit Man' TestimonyThe judge in Drew Peterson's murder trial handed prosecutors a legal victory Tuesday by giving them the go-ahead to introduce evidence in coming days that the former suburban Chicago police officer sought to hire a hit man to kill his third wife for $25,000.
Judge In Drew Peterson Trial To Rule On Latest Mistrial Request WednesdayThe judge in the Drew Peterson murder trial has sent jurors home early for the day, as he weighs a new request by defense attorneys to declare a mistrial. The judge said he will rule on the request Wednesday.
Peterson Judge Opens Door For Previously Barred Hearsay TestimonyThe judge in the Drew Peterson murder trial said Wednesday he is not bound by rulings by the previous judge regarding hearsay evidence in the case, and is allowing previously barred testimony that Peterson allegedly threatened to kill Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident.
Investigators Who Probed Savio's Death Testify At Peterson TrialThey never even interviewed Drew Peterson while investigating his third wife’s death, and on Tuesday at Peterson's murder trial, the two investigators who handled the case back in 2004 will have to explain why not.
Savio's Sister Testifies Peterson Said He Was Going To Kill His WifeThe sister Kathleen Savio – the third wife of Drew Peterson – testified Friday that Peterson told Savio he was going to kill her.