Recreational Marijuana Sales Hit New Record High In Illinois, And Number Is Expected To Keep RisingRecreational marijuana sales just set a new record high – nearly $64 million worth of cannabis was sold last month.
Illinois Allows Car Repossessions To Resume; One Recovery Agent Says It May Put Him In DangerSome car owners are learning the hard way – past-due payments are no longer being forgiven in the era of COVID-19.
How Will Illinois Handle More COVID-19 Tests When Many Claim Their Tests Have Been Lost?On Thursday night, we asked how the state will handle more tests when many people claim their tests have been lost.
Unemployment Money Mistakenly Approved For Illinois State Employee Who Is Still WorkingHow could someone who currently goes to work every day for the state get approved for unemployment benefits?
What Is Causing The Holdup For Unemployment Benefits For Gig Workers?The State of Illinois said it will be another month before the first unemployment payments get to independent contractors and gig workers such as Uber drivers and musicians.
State Of Illinois' Coronavirus Hotline Fields Myriad Of Calls With Questions, ConcernsThe phones are ringing off at the State of Illinois’ coronavirus hotline.
Veterans Will Lose Plates Honoring Service If They Have Electric Cars; Some Lawmakers Looking To Change ThatSome veterans are getting snubbed in Illinois.
Former Gov. Pat Quinn Remembers Helicopter, Once Owned By State Of Illinois, That Crashed And Killed Kobe BryantThe State of Illinois previously owned the helicopter that crashed near Los Angeles this past weekend – taking the lives of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and eight others.
Helicopter That Crashed And Killed Kobe Bryant, His Daughter, And 7 Others Was Once Owned By State Of IllinoisThe helicopter that crashed near Los Angeles and took the lives of NBA icon Kobe Bryant, has 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others was once owned by the State of Illinois.
New Law Eases Rules On Daily P.E. ClassesIllinois was the first state in the nation to mandate daily P.E. But in August a new law eased that mandate, making it easier for schools to cut P.E.
Poll: 1 In 4 Illinois Residents Say State Is Worst Place To LiveResidents of Illinois apparently are pretty miserable.