Lawmaker: State Has 3,000 Cars That Are Barely UsedA state lawmaker says Illinois is wasting a lot of money on cars that aren't needed.
BGA Calls For Abolition Of Legislative Scholarship ProgramThe Better Government Association doesn’t trust lawmakers to reform the state’s legislative scholarship program, so it is calling for the abolition of the program.
Union: Quinn Is Striking Backroom Deals To Close Mental Health CentersLeaders at the state's largest public employee union are taking issue with what they believe are backroom deals being struck by Gov. Pat Quinn to close state mental health centers.
State Lawmakers Renew Call To End Legislative Scholarship ProgramWith the start of a new calendar year comes a familiar call from dozens of state lawmakers – abolish the legislative scholarship program.
Cullerton Calls For Debt Restructuring For State's Unpaid BillsState revenues have increased this fiscal year, but there are still billions of dollars in backlogged bills to contend with.
Gambling, Economic Issues Remain Unresolved As New Year ApproachesA new year doesn't mean the end to old problems for the State of Illinois.
Report Claims Illinois Has Lost $26 Billion In Taxable Income Since 1995A conservative think tank says the population exodus from Illinois to other states since the mid-1990s has cost the state $26 billion in taxable income.
Report: Kraft Foods Seeks Incentives From StateNorthfield-based Kraft Foods reportedly the latest company looking for a incentives from the State of Illinois.
State Of Illinois To Begin Using Car-Sharing Service For EmployeesThe state of Illinois maintains thousands of cars in its fleet but, but now it is trying a cheaper and greener alternative.
Lawmakers Work To Fix State-Run College Investment ProgramA state-run college investment program is losing money, and has in the past been blasted for risky investments.
Gas Stations Owe State Of Illinois Millions Of DollarsIllinois is apparently due million of dollars from some of the State's 24-hundred gas station operators.
iPhone App Guides Users To Best Illinois SpotsA new, free iPhone app has been developed for the State of Illinois.
Rutherford Hopes To Find Unclaimed Property Owners At State FairThe Illinois state treasurer wants to get rid of $1.5 billion in assets, and he hopes using the State Fair will move things along.
Report: Same-Day Surgery Centers Pose Contamination ThreatSame-day surgery centers may offer convenience, but they also may put patients at risk for contamination.
Free Ride Cards Going Out For Seniors Who QualifyThe Illinois Department on Aging says postcards are in the mail to senior citizens on the state's Circuit Breaker Program, which will get them as many free rides as they want.