Old Town Art Fair Joins Other Events Coming Back This Summer After Being Shuttered By The Pandemic"Artists that go to art fairs, they lost their source of revenue. We had an online art fair to do the best we could do to help them. It's just not the same."
New Community Patrol In South Shore Takes Message Of Peace To The StreetsOMIB, the Original Men in Black community group, walked through the streets of Chicago's South Side Friday night, announcing the start of a new kind of neighborhood patrol.
Does Heat, Sun Kill Coronavirus? Frequently Asked Summertime Questions About COVID-19 Answered By Dr. Mallika MarshallDr. Mallika Marshall, a practicing physician, answers common questions about coronavirus safety this summer at the pool, the beach and out and about.
10 Hot Summer Reads to Turn Your Vacation into a BookCation
Illinois Officials Offer Heat Safety Tips As Temperatures RiseIllinois officials say heat kills more people each year than other weather-related hazards and are offering the public safety tips.
Tips To Plan Your Summer Neighborhood Block PartyAs summer approaches, it's time to celebrate the season with a neighborhood block party.
Mayor Lightfoot Unveils Plans To Combat Summertime Violence"We're engaging with people in those neighborhoods and we're bringing resources in those neighborhoods in particular where we have concerns about about any kinds of conflict."
Postal Service Debuts Scratch-And-Sniff Stamps WednesdayThe U.S. Postal Service is issuing its first scratch-and-sniff-stamps starting Wednesday.
Stylish Storage Ideas For The Summer MonthsIf you're trying to minimize the kid clutter, there are affordable and beautiful options out there. 
Days Inn Offers $10K Summer Job Taking Pictures Around The U.S.A hotel chain is looking to pay one lucky traveler $10,000 to be their "sun-tern" for a month and take as many sun-drenched photos as they can.
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