Thousands Climb To The Top For Hustle Up The HancockFour thousand climbers took part in the 15th annual Hustle up the Hancock at the John Hancock Center Sunday.
Researchers Question The Methods Online Dating Services Use To Pair Up SinglesDespite the staggering popularity of online dating, a new review of research points to some problems. CBS 2's Susan Carlson reports.
Elementary School Students Train Hard For Hustle Up The HancockOne week from Sunday, thousands of people will climb to the top of the John Hancock Center to raise money for the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.
Lung Transplant Recipient Prepares For 10th Hancock ClimbNext month, more than 4,000 people will climb 94 floors all the way to the top of the John Hancock Center to raise money for breathing problems, and one man knows what it’s like to gasp for air.
Zen Bed Offers Effects Of A Full Night's Sleep In 20 MinutesSo many of us are running around ragged and not getting enough sleep, but imagine feeling like you’ve had a full night’s rest in just 20 minutes.
Don't Just Toss Your Old Electronics After Opening Christmas GiftsIf you got a new TV, computer or laptop for Christmas, a new ban that takes effect next week in Illinois could affect you. CBS 2's Susan Carlson explains that the new rules impact what you can put out in the garbage.
Which Tablet Computer Is The Best Choice This Christmas?Tablet computers are a hot gift for Christmas. Sales are up 264% this year, with the iPad leading the way, but the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are picking up steam.
Beach Polo World Cup Coming To ChicagoIt will be an unusual sight along the lakefront this weekend, as for the first time, the Beach Polo World Cup will be played in Chicago at North Avenue Beach.
What The Feds Didn't Take Betty Loren-Maltese Is Now SellingThe former Cicero town president is holding a garage sale this weekend and is letting the public have a crack at her shoe collection. Sorry, her clown figurines were scooped up early, CBS 2's Susan Carlson reports.
Zeltiq Procedure Works To Freeze Off Body FatIf you can’t diet or exercise away your body fat, maybe now you can freeze it off.
Mosquito Guide: How To Avoid Being Bitten By SkeetersMosquitoes seem to be everywhere this year. So far nine counties in Illinois have found some infected with West Nile Virus. CBS 2's Susan Carlson explains why mosquitoes seem to bite certain people more often and how a common household item can help keep the pests away.
Heat Means Increased Profits For Purveyors Of Cold Drinks, FansThe heat is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, but it also means increased profits for some.
Photographer Has A Knack For NewbornsA Chicago photographer is turning heads for his heart-grabbing pictures. We stopped by his studio to see how he's able to capture the magic.
Pet Spa Puts Air Travelers' Minds At EaseIf you love to travel, but hate to board your pet, a new pet resort may put your mind at ease.
'Office Spouses:' How Close Is Too Close?How close is too close, when it comes to your co-workers? Have you ever heard of an “office spouse?”