Preckwinkle, Mendoza Attempt To Distance Themselves From Ald. Burke And Corruption InvestigationThe two Chicago mayoral candidates are working furiously to distance themselves from Burke and Ald. Danny Solis.
Fact Checking Ads: Susana Medoza And The Window Washers UnionSince the window washers incident, Mendoza hasn't received any mayoral donations from the SEIU. However, Mendoza has received big bucks from several other labor unions.
Ed Burke Charges Cast Shadow Over Chicago's Mayoral RaceFederal corruption charges, against Alderman Ed Burke, are casting a shadow over Chicago's mayoral race.
Chicago Mayoral Candidates Try Distancing Themselves From Ald. Ed Burke After Corruption ChargesThree candidates who've had close relationships with Burke are furiously pointing fingers at each other as to who is tighter with the tainted alderman.
It's Now Official: Newly Reelected State Comptroller Mendoza Now Running For Chicago MayorIt's not exactly a surprise since an announcement video leaked out before Mendoza won re-election as state comptroller. 
It's Official, Susana Mendoza Joining Race For MayorEight days after winning re-election as Illinois State Comptroller, Susana Mendoza is officially entering the race for mayor, stating Chicago “must become the city of the future.”
Mendoza: Public Servant, Double-Dipper Or Both?Out of the 1.7 million dollars Mendoza has in her campaign fund, more than a third, $650,000, is from the Illinois Democratic Party. In other words, from Mike Madigan.
Who Will Take Over As Chicago's Mayor?The question remains regarding who will take over as Chicago’s mayor. Some are betting the winner has not officially announced a campaign yet.
Illinois On The Hook For $300M In Nursing CareThe backlog has nearly tripled since August 2014.
Shelters Waive Adoption Fee For Veterans14 different shelters across Illinois paired pets with servicemen and women in the first-ever statewide "Pets for Vets."
Emanuel Willing To Consider Reinstating "Head Tax" To Bail Out CPSMayor Emanuel said he's looking at some hard choices when it comes to finding funds to keep CPS open without additional help from the state.