UIC To Test COVID-19 Vaccine In July"There's no way that somebody could get a COVID-19 infection from the vaccine."
Gift Card Scam Leaves Mother Out $1,000 'My Kids Are Suffering'"I don't want other people to get the same way, but what they did was really wrong."
Chicago Woman Credits Remdesivir For COVID-19 Recovery"I was able to breathe after I received it."
Lessons From A Ladybug: St. John De LaSalle Catholic Academy Students Create A Book Celebrating DifferencesThe book is about a ladybug who never got her spots, and even though she's different, she celebrates it and realizes despite differences everyone in life is the same. 
Chicago Chef WorksTo Feed Kids As CPS Halts Meal Service After Weekend Protests"We can't in good conscience send our delivery drivers out. So we are regrouping and trying to see what we can do, to help our students."
Oprah Gives $5 Million To Chicago Charities Fighting COVID-19"The essential work, for all of us who have means, is to find a way to give back in a way that can be meaningful to other people."
With School Year And Trip Canceled, Retiring Lake Forest High School Choir Director Has Virtual TriumphThe Lake Forest High School choir's trip to Europe and the school year were both canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But their choir director decided to bring the choir together in a different way, by using their passion for music.
Nurses Reflect On COVID-19 Crisis: 'The Public Has No Clue What We're Seeing Everyday'"There's someone that loves this person and they have friends and they had a future. And like now, I'm sitting here with them. It breaks my heart because I literally sit back and think of myself in that position."
Wearable Sensor Can Track COVID-19 Symptoms, Relay Info To Doctors And Patients"We can, not only count coughs when a cough happens, how many times you're coughing during the day. We can measure cough intensity, cough frequency. We can capture cough sounds. Is it a dry cough? Is it a wet cough."
Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Physical Therapy Patients At Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Embrace TelehealthDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers had to come up with new ways to see patients in need.
Niles Teen Writes 'A Song Of Hope' And Gets Musicians From Around The World To PerformSachio Nang, who plays the clarinet in the Niles West band, posted a message on Facebook while composing the song. He asked musicians, stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to collaborate. More than 100 musicians from around the world got in touch with him.