Activists Say Looting Is Unacceptable, But Speaks To Greater Societal ProblemsTwo activists told CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot they in no way condone the looting overnight and into Monday afternoon. They say what we saw has to do with survival, on many levels.
Study Set To Bring Antibody Treatments Right To Doors Of Long-Term Care FacilitiesWhen a person recovers from COVID-19, their body builds up antibodies that can then be used to help others fight the disease.
Suicide Of Chicago Police Deputy Chief Dion Boyd Highlights Greater Crisis Among OfficersThe Chicago Police deputy chief who committed suicide on Tuesday is now part of a sad, but growing list of men and women in blue.
Trade Show Losses At McCormick Place Amid Pandemic Has Cost Nearly $1.7 BillionMore than $1.5 billion – that is the impact the coronavirus has had just at McCormick Place this year.
Four Teen Siblings Rescued In Lake Michigan; 'We Found Them Nearly In Pitch Darkness'"They didn't have any means of communication. No lights. No phones to try to track them down."
Working For Chicago: Fighting Hackers Who Want IDES Money"I was shocked because I haven't worked in 13 years. I just started collecting Social Security when I was 62 and so I would think the government would know that and not send me this card."
Hammond, Indiana Watches COVID-19 Cases As Schools Open In Three Weeks"If the spread rate were to continue, I'll only speak for my own school system, but we would look at a full-time e-learning situation if they remain above 10% like they are right now."
Some Chicago Residents Are Still Not Getting Mail 'This Is Ridiculous!'"Workers just don't want to come to work anymore and they're blaming the COVID on their reason not to come to work."
Gary Schools Giving Option Of Classroom Learning Or E-Learning For New School YearParents everywhere have been waiting to find out whether their kids will be returning to class in a few weeks. On Monday, parents in Gary got the answer.
Police Announce Plans For Citywide Unit To Deploy To High-Crime Areas, Prevent Violence: Has It Worked In The Past?More resources to fight violent crime – Chicago Police say that is the goal of their latest initiative.
Police Supt. David Brown After Another Violent Weekend: 'We Cannot Allow This To Be Normalized In This City'It’s the Monday story everyone fears will become a reality, and sadly, yet again, we are forced to tell you about an incredibly violent weekend in Chicago.
Family Of Deceased CHA Resident Say Items Were Stolen, Thrown Out From Apartment"Flat screen TVs, Apple computer, iPad, those are the things that could have monetary value."
Suburban Nurse Gets COVID-19, Infects Her Family After Hospital Says Don't Wear MaskAs a nurse, I'm bringing this home. I felt at one point that I was murdering my husband because of what I brought to my family. It is breaking my heart every day."
South Shore Grocer Partners With Instacart To Bring Relief To Food DesertFor six years the South Shore neighborhood had no grocery store. It was a food desert. Now a local grocer is turning things around with a little help from Instacart. 
UIC To Test COVID-19 Vaccine In July"There's no way that somebody could get a COVID-19 infection from the vaccine."