Attorneys For Indiana Woman Charged With Helping ISIS Awaiting Confidential InformationProsecutors have said they are still determining which confidential items they can share with attorneys defending an Indiana woman who is accused of providing tactical gear and funds to two Islamic State fighters.
Human Rights Group Believes Chicago-Area Woman Died In Syrian PrisonA human rights monitoring group believes Layla Shweikani, a young American woman from the Chicago suburbs who had been detained two years ago by Bashar al-Assad's regime, was executed by the Syrian government. 
U.S. Begins Military Exercise In Syria In Response To Russian Military ThreatsThe Pentagon has been unusually public in disclosing the potential Russian threat, in hopes that its statements will warn the Russians off the area.
US Draws Up Initial Target List If Syria Launches Chemical Weapons AttackUS intelligence and military targeting experts have drawn up a preliminary list of Syrian chemical weapons facilities that could be struck if President Donald Trump were to order a new round of airstrikes in the country, multiple US officials tell CNN.
Indiana Woman Charged With Helping ISIS; Attorney Calls Her 'Victim Of Her Jihadist Husband'A mother of four from Indiana has been charged with providing money and tactical gear to two ISIS fighters, but she has said her husband tricked her into traveling with their children to Syria, where he died fighting for the Islamic State.
Israel Evacuates Syrian White Helmets Stranded On Golan HeightsThe White Helmets typically have operated in opposition-held areas across Syria, places where government services are almost non-existent.
Mixed Reaction To Syrian AirstrikesSome in the Syrian community believe it was a small positive step in the right direction while others believe it will only cause more problems for the U.S. and American troops in Syria.
Chicago Reacts To Air Strikes In Syria24 hours after 105 U.S. missiles hit Syrian chemical weapons facilities, protesters in Chicago were slamming the strikes. 
Local Syrian Reaction To AirstrikesAkhras said she hopes Trump will have a change of heart on the travel ban policy and allow Syrian refugees to come to America.
President Trump: U.S. Launches ‘Precision Strikes’ In Syria
Top 5 Takeaways From Trump’s Meeting With Putin At The G-20 SummitU.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had their first face-to-face meeting Friday at the G-20 Summit.