Scorching Report From Independent Monitoring Team Says Chicago Police Were Not Prepared Or Trained For Civil Unrest In Wake Of George Floyd ProtestsA new report concludes that Chicago and its Police Department weren’t prepared, trained, or ready for the protests, looting, and unrest we saw last year after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
College Student Jasmine Stewart Says She Reported Being Sexually Harassed At Christian Youth Program, And Then Got Suspended HerselfA college student reported inappropriate behavior, and now she is out of her summer job at a Christian youth program for kids.
Gov. Pritzker Signs Law To Get Ball Rolling After Continued Delays In Licenses For Minority Marijuana EntrepreneursRecreational marijuana sales continue to break records in Illinois, but the same companies have continued to cash in – until now.
Scammers Are Impersonating Nearly Every Illinois State Department In Phishing Schemes, And People Are Falling For ItThe Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Labor, Department of Employment Security, and Department of Transportation - we’ve tracked the scams that all of those state departments are dealing with right now.
UCAN Violence Preventers Step In After Violent Holiday Weekend, And They're Always Around In Chicago CommunitiesAfter at least 100 people were shot in Chicago this past July 4th holiday weekend, a violence intervention and prevention group is taking action.
9-Year-Old Girl Critically Wounded, Man Also Struck In Shooting At 79th And MarylandA young girl was shot in the head and critically injured Thursday afternoon on the cusp of the Grand Crossing and Chatham communities.
No More Evacuations In Morris, But Lithium Battery Fire Is OngoingThe owner of the building said that he feels hopeless about what happened and never meant to harm this community.
$15 Minimum Wage Goes Into Effect In Chicago Thursday And Could Mean Price Hikes; Study On Tipped Wages Also Getting Under WayChicago’s new minimum wage hike to $15 per hour officially goes into effect this coming Thursday, and it could mean higher prices at your favorite restaurants.
After Violent Weekend With 2 Mass Shootings Within About 2 Hours, Concern Grows About Violence During Upcoming July 4th HolidayAt least 77 people were shot and five of them were killed in another violent weekend in Chicago.
WorkShare Program Allows Illinois Residents To Work While Still Collecting Unemployment, In Effort To Prevent LayoffsThe State of Illinois is making it possible for people to work and still collect unemployment – in an effort designed to prevent more layoffs.
Proposed Federal Legislation Would Impose Regulations To Prevent Black-Market Brokering Of Donated Body PartsOn Tuesday, a federal effort was launched, starting in Illinois, to regulate the black-market body-brokering industry.
The Mom Project Works For Women After Loss Of An Entire Generation Of Job Gains Due To COVID-19 PandemicWith two out of five jobs lost to COVID-19 yet to return, women lost an entire generation of job gains. 
New Phishing Scam Involving Emails, Texts Targets People Who Are Out Of Work In IllinoisA new scam has surfaced targeting people who are out of work. CBS 2's Tara Molina has investigated these issues for more than a year now, and on Thursday, she talked to an expert who has a warning about a growing number of fake emails and texts.
Worst Neighborhoods For Rats In Chicago: West Town Tops List For ComplaintsChicago’s issues with rats are no secret to anyone, but just how bad is the city’s rodent problem? CBS 2’s Tara Molina dug into the numbers Wednesday, focusing on the community area we found has more rat complaints than any other – West Town.
Raccoons Are Taking Over Rocks Near Montrose Harbor, Yet People Keep Feeding ThemWe have reported before about the people who continue to ignore the city’s advice and feed dozens of raccoons that now call the rocks near Montrose Harbor home. Experts told CBS 2’s Tara Molina the issue is worse than ever before.