Tax Returns Tell Tricky Tales Of How Super Wealthy Candidates Avoid Paying Some TaxesNeither paid Social Security or Medicare taxes that most people routinely pay.
Chris Kennedy, J.B. Pritzker Release Tax ReturnsPritzker listed $15 million in taxable income last year; Kennedy listed $1.2 million.
Protesters Demand Trump Release Tax Income ReturnsProtesters hoisted signs that read, “Hey, comrade, show us your taxes,” “Prove you’re not Putin’s puppet,” and “Don the Con.”
Tax Filing Procrastinators Get A Bonus This YearYou have a few extra days to file your federal and state taxes this year.
Thousands Expected To March In Loop Calling For Trump’s Tax ReturnsAbout 10,000 people indicated on Facebook that they would attend Tax March Chicago.
7 Unusual Tax Deductions You May Qualify ForThese seven strange and arcade deductions might help you lower your tax burden this year.
Judge Tries To Shut Down Trudeau Fight Over TaxesA judge sought to end the snit Thursday between TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau and a receiver put in charge of Trudeau’s assets nearly two years ago.
Chicago Man Receives Refund Check After Identity Thieves Filed His TaxesImagine your tax return is rejected by the IRS because somebody has already filed a fake return in your name. Then the next day, you get a refund.
Rauner Made Nearly $61M Last Year, According To Tax Returns Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has released his 2013 federal and Illinois income tax returns.
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