Convicted In Bomb Plot, Adel Daoud Apologizes At Sentencing Hearing; 'I Can't Express How Sorry I Am'A 25-year-old man who sought to detonate a car bomb outside a crowded Chicago bar when he was a teenager apologized during a sentencing hearing Wednesday for agreeing to the terrorism plot, insisting that he no longer harbors a desire to kill or join a terrorist group.
Sentencing In Chicago Terrorism Case Of Adel Daoud Enters Third DayA multiday sentencing hearing is wrapping up for a suburban Chicago man convicted of terrorism for trying to detonate what he thought was a powerful bomb next to a crowded bar.
Undercover FBI Agent Denies Pressuring Terrorism Suspect Adel Daoud In Bomb PlotAn undercover FBI agent who played the central role in ensnaring a teenager in a 2012 sting told a sentencing judge Tuesday he didn't hoodwink the then-18-year-old into agreeing to participate in a plot to bomb a Chicago bar and didn't think the teen's incessant laughter might have pointed to psychological problems.
Sentencing In Chicago Terrorism Case To Focus On Adel Daoud's Mental StateAn unusual and unusually long-running terrorism case in Chicago that featured talk of Edward Snowden and even lizard overlords enters a decisive stage on Monday with the start of a multiday sentencing hearing.
Judge Delays Sentencing In Chicago Bomb PlotA judge has delayed sentencing a man who is accused of plotting to bomb a Chicago bar after lawyers said the government withheld evidence that would have helped his defense.
Judge To Hear Arguments On Plea Change By Terror SuspectThe six-year-old case of a suburban Chicago man accused of trying to detonate what he believed was a bomb in Chicago may be nearing a resolution.
Suspect In Chicago Terrorism Case Asks To Change PleasA man who pleaded not guilty to trying to detonate what he thought was a bomb outside of a Chicago bar in 2012 wants to change his plea.
Chicago Man Charged With Using Social Media To Recruit For ISIS, And Support 'Violent Jihad'Ashraf Al Safoo, 34, was arrested Wednesday morning, following a raid at his home in the Budlong Woods neighborhood.
FBI: Arrest Made In Alleged July 4 Attack Plan In ClevelandAuthorities have charged Demetrius Pitts with attempted support of a terrorist organization.
A Former Spy Inside Al Qaeda SpeaksThe secret agent who was arguably the West's most important spy inside al Qaeda has never told his full story - until now.
Rahm Responds To New York Terror Attack, Says City Is 'Prepared'Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city is doing what it can to guard against the kind of deadly terror attack that occurred in New York City.