New Study Reveals 25 Percent Of Crashes Involved A Person On The PhoneOne in four drivers was apparently on the phone in the moments right before a crash, a new study reveals.
State Troopers Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers On The KennedyIllinois State Police surprised a lot of people on the Kennedy Expressway on Friday morning, as they conducted a distracted driving detail to catch people texting or talking on cell phones while they were behind the wheel.
Feds Launch New PSA To Warn Teens Not To Text And DriveThe bold push to save lives gets right to the point in a new public service announcement.
State Police Issue More Than 100 Tickets For Texting While DrivingAuthorities say texting while driving is unsafe, irresponsible and its consequences can be devastating.
Special Detail To Watch For Distracted Drivers On The Kennedy MondayDrivers who text behind the wheel on the Kennedy Expressway could find themselves in hot water Monday.
State, AT&T Encourage Motorists To Pledge Not To Text While DrivingAT&T has been pushing for people to pledge not to text while driving, and has posted a heart-wrenching documentary on its website. So far, more than 2 million people have taken the pledge.
Officer: Results Of Texting While Driving Detail 'Very Alarming'Illinois State Police recently set out to determine whether texting while driving is as big a problem as they thought, and one officer said he was pretty surprised by what they found.
Texting Driver Causes Rollover Crash In New Lenox: PoliceKyle Greenfield of Manhattan was driving while distracted and struck a vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign at Cedar and Delaney roads in New Lenox Township.