The Bernstein Brief: Get Ready For AnythingThere's no time left in baseball for anything to come out in the mathematical wash.
The Bernstein Brief: Wild-Card Games A Long, Bumpy RideThis is modern baseball, deliberate and calculated and more extended than ever.
The Bernstein Brief: Enjoy Bears Football That MattersMitchell Trubisky's ascension to starting quarterback is supposed to mark the start of the Bears' return from a football wilderness.
The Bernstein Brief: Addison Russell's Nachos Incident A Timely DiversionA comic scene played out played out at Busch Stadium on Monday night.
The Bernstein Brief: Where Was Everybody?There were plenty of open seats for the Cubs-Brewers showdown at Miller Park on Thursday evening.
The Bernstein Brief: Metrics Favor Addison Russell Over Javier Baez At ShortstopRussell over Baez at shortstop is an easy call after consulting more than just our often fallible memories.
The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Need To Be Really Bad, And FastNBA Draft lottery reform is on the verge of being passed and implemented for 2019.
The Bernstein Brief: Brian Urlacher Was A Game-ChangerUrlacher was a type of player we'd never seen before and the best there was at anchoring a Tampa-2 defense.
The Bernstein Brief: No Positives In The Kevin White SagaThe saddest aspect of the latest injury is that White won't even really be missed.
The Bernstein Brief: Patriots Change The StoryAfter the Patriots dropped Thursday's opener, it's time to change the narrative.
Bernstein: What Was John Fox Thinking?Fox put Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears' future, at risk for no reason late in the game.
The Bernstein Brief: Cubs Have Themselves A NightThe Cubs hit some milestones in a 17-3 rout of the Pirates on Wednesday night.
The Bernstein Brief: Blown-Up Bulls Still AnnoyingThe teardown aspect remains incomplete as long as Dwyane Wade is still here and angling for a buyout.
The Bernstein Brief: This Cub Is Killing ItKris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are putting up big numbers, but plenty of Cubs have been hot.
The Bernstein Brief: Meet Seth DeValveBy kneeling with eight black Browns teammates, DeValve answered Michael Bennett's call to action.