Baffoe: Something In The Nothing Of Willson Contreras-Yadier Molina CommentsEver since the Cubs won a championship, there's a different feel to petty feuds.
Baffoe: Bulls' Niko Mirotic Wants, Earns A TradeIf the likely happens and Mirotic is traded, there will be a "good for him" feel to his exit.
Baffoe: 'Moving Forward' On Sammy Sosa Issue Isn't So Much About SosaThe Cubs have never seemed to acknowledge that Sosa’s time with the team produced far more positives than perceived slights since.
Baffoe: Cubs Signing Jake Arrieta Would Feel Good, But Would It Be Good?The heart wants what the heart wants, caring not for the advanced metrics.
Baffoe: Come In, Matt NagyHopes, dreams and wishes -- every Bears fan has them. Can Nagy unlock them?
Baffoe: The Odd Respect Of Corey Crawford's AbsenceRespect for Crawford is unfortunately at its highest when he’s not around.
Baffoe: White Sox's Trade For Relievers Isn't Exciting, But It's GoodRick Hahn isn't making high-profile moves but is nonetheless making shrewd decisions with the future in mind.
Baffoe: Brian Urlacher As Hall Of Fame Finalist Highlights Difference In Bears, Then And NowThe Urlacher-led Bears always had an identity and respect across the game. Now? Not so much.
Baffoe: Now What, Bears?The onus is on general manager Ryan Pace, someone who has yet to gain much trust in three years in Chicago.
Baffoe: Empathy In The New YearIt's worth looking ahead to 2018 with a renewed perspective.
Baffoe: End Of John Fox Era No Cause For CelebrationThere will still be problems for the Bears after the expected firing of Fox next week.
Baffoe: Root For The Cleveland Browns On SundayThe Bears losing to the Browns would be great fodder for sardonic sad sacks, to say nothing of helping the draft slot.
Baffoe: Bulls' Nikola Mirotic Is WinningMirotic now gives zero bleeps about anything but torching anyone in his way.
Baffoe: Devin Hester Is What A Hall Of Fame Should BeThe most special of athletes seem to have a knack for tweaking the space-time continuum. Hester had that knack.
Baffoe: Golf Finally Shuts Up NarcsGolf hall monitors are the worst of sports fans.