Members Say Uptown Fitness Gym Charged Them For Month When It Was Closed, Is Now Leaving Them In The DarkIt's no surprise that some gyms are still closed, but members said one North Side gym is even ignoring their phone calls, messages, and emails.
Northwest Indiana Woman Says She's Stuck With Lagging Internet Service, Can't Switch ProvidersA Northwest Indiana woman said she has tried just about everything, but her internet provider cannot fix her lagging connection – and because of where she lives, she can’t switch providers.
Man Says He Was Injured And His Car Was Damaged In Crash, But Lawyer Won't Pursue Because Other Driver Was CPD OfficerA man says he was hurt in a crash and his car was badly damaged. He insists it wasn’t his fault. But as CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reported Friday morning, his lawyer won’t even pursue it, because the other driver was a police officer who would likely be protected from liability.
More Customers Complain They Didn't Get Electronics Fixed Or Money Back At Edwards TV Service In GaryA Gary man said a TV repair service has held onto his DVD player and his money for months, so he is taking his complaint to the State of Indiana.
March Election Judge Says She Has Never Been Paid; Husband, Also An Election Judge, Says He Had Questionable DeductionTwo election judges live in the same house, but only one has gotten a paycheck – and his check has a questionable deduction.
Woman Says After Losing RushCard Prepaid Debit Card, Company Has Kept Her From Her Money For MonthsWhen you lose your debit card, you usually get a replacement in the mail with your money still on it. But a Calumet City woman said that was not the case for her.
Woman Tries To Arrange Free COVID-19 Tests At Senior Apartment Complex, But Management Stalls; 'I Can’t Even Tell You How Frustrated I Feel'CBS 2 Morning Insider Tim McNicholas finds out why Senior Suites of Central Station stalled for so long.
Years After AT&T Installed Utility Box In His Back Yard, Homeowner Still Getting The Runaround In Bid To Move It“One day, I came home, and there was a utility box blocking pretty much half my lot,” homeowner Jason Tripoli said.
Lake County, Illinois Clerk Authorizes Judges To Perform Weddings Via ZoomWedding bells are going to chime – and you don’t even have to leave your home.
Senior Living Center Begins Offering More Activities For Residents As Illinois Opens Back UpThe state of Illinois is slowly starting to open back up, and that means fewer restrictions even for the most vulnerable people.
Youth Baseball Practice Looks Different During Pandemic, But In Deerfield, All Agree It's 'Going Great'The CBS 2 Morning Insiders headed to Deerfield to find out what a baseball practice looks like in the COVID era.
Cook County Election Judge Still Waiting To Get Paid For Work During March Primary; 'There's Got To Be A Way To Solve This'“I do it for the money, but also believe in democracy,” said Susan Rohde, who has fulfilled her civic duty for more than a decade as an election judge.
Deerfield Park District Board Votes To Rename James C. Mitchell Park, Over History Involving Resistance To Integrated HousingThe Deerfield Park District Board on Thursday evening voted to rename James C. Mitchell Park, due to connection between the park and an attempt to bring racially integrated housing to the north suburb that was thwarted.
With Some Stores Still Recovering From Damage During Civil Unrest, Walgreens Opens Mobile PharmaciesSome stores are still recovering from damage after George Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed. But some people still need prescriptions, and you may have heard Walgreens is setting up makeshift pharmacies on the South Side.
Activists Call For Renaming Deerfield Park They Say Commemorates Thwarted Attempt At IntegrationSince the George Floyd protests, we have seen monuments across the country taken down due to their connection with racism. On Thursday night, the Deerfield Park District Board will vote on renaming a park with a questionable history.