eBay Antique Print Retailer Says Postal Problems At Elk Grove Village Processing Plant Are Bad News For Her BusinessHere is another case of postal problems at an Elk Grove Village processing plant – this time involving a small business owner in the suburbs who says it's hurting her bottom line.
COVID-19 Contact Tracers Starting To Expand Work To Include Encouraging VaccinationsEven as the CDC relaxes some COVID-19 guidelines, city and county officials say contact tracing is still going strong. Some contact tracers even have expanded their roles to include vaccine work.
After Catching On To Scam Attempt, Woman Wants To Warn Others Against Norton Security Impostor; 'It Started Getting Stranger And Stranger'Brenda Clark knows a thing or two about money after spending 20 years in the banking industry. That includes the tricks that fraudsters use to scam you out of your hard-earned money.  
Chicago HomeMod Program Has Dozens Of Openings For Disabled Residents In Need Of Home ModificationsThe City of Chicago dedicated $1.5 million this year for home modification projects for disabled residents – and they're looking to spend the money.
As Chicagoans Complain Of 'Astronomically Stupid' Mail Problems, Logistics Expert Says City Hit 'Particularly Hard' By Postal Service IssuesLogistics expert Kevin Kosar said mail delivery in Chicago was already challenging due to the harsh winters. Add to that a pandemic that has forced 120,000 postal workers to quarantine nationwide.
As Some Summer Camps Prepare To Return, What Changes Could Kids See With Pandemic Not Yet Behind Us?On the playground of the day camp at YMCA of Metro Chicago, for example, the staff says 30 kids will be able to play at a time, per state guidelines. That's up from 15 last summer.
South Side Couple Hoping For Refund After Paying $2,000 For Credit Repair, But Seeing No Change In Credit ScoreA South Side couple said they paid thousands for credit repair, but the Chicago financial expert they hired didn't fix anything.
With Demand Up During Pandemic, Palatine-Based Nonprofit That Helps Homeless Needs Help Itself As It Works To ExpandA nonprofit that helps the homeless is racking up huge bills every week as they pay for clients to stay in hotels. Now, they're looking to expand their own facility to meet the heightened demand the pandemic caused.
Humboldt Park Salon Owner Forced To Shut Down Last Spring Due To Pandemic Now Preparing To Open Beauty School In Portage ParkBibi Hernandez's road to success hasn't always been pretty, and she admitted there was a time she lost hope that her beauty school would actually happen.
Man Can't Sell Used ATV After Post Office Loses Letter Containing Proof Of Ownership“It's supposed to be two days. That's what Priority Mail is. It's an odd title for mail that never shows up,” Jim Weathers said.
Mother Of Two Frustrated After Financial Aid From Illinois Was Cut Off Due To Glitch; 'Everybody Says It's Somebody Else's Fault'Crystal Rodriguez was approved for cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, and got nearly $1,000 in December and January, but despite state approval, the funds stopped in February.
Chicago Eighth-Grader Danielle Addo Thrilled To Compete In Scripps National Spelling BeeAn eighth-grader from the South Side will compete for the Scripps National Spelling Bee this summer after dominating Chicago Public Schools' citywide tournament.
'Literally Raining Crap:' Long Grove Family Sues Insurance Company, Claiming They Got Runaround About Repair Coverage After Sewage Rained Down In Their HomeA Long Grove family is suing their insurance company because they say they can't get straight answers about their repairs.
Suburban Woman Sends Easter Care Package To Her Daughter In 2-Day Priority Mail, But It Was Bouncing Around Suburban Sites 10 Days LaterMarilyn Enstrom paid for two-day priority mail to Minnesota – but it was 10 days later when the package left Illinois.
Cherry Washington Lost $30,000 To Contractor Who Didn't Complete Job, But She Still Succeeded In Opening A Nail SalonThis is the amazing story of an entrepreneur overcoming the obstacles.