Illinois Soybean Farmer Calls Trump's $12 Billion Aid Plan A 'Pacifier'Republican backlash is growing against President Trump's $12 billion plan to help American farmers feeling the pain of the escalating trade war.
President Trump Funneling Short-Term Aid To Illinois FarmersPresident Donald Trump is pushing a plan that would help farmers hurt by his trade war and retaliatory tariffs.
Trump Administration Plans To Help Farmers Hurt By Global Trade TensionsThe Trump administration will announce a plan on Tuesday to extend billions of dollars in aid to farmers negatively affected by tariffs resulting from President Donald Trump's widening trade feud with other countries.
Farmers Fret As US-China Trade War Escalates"I fully support my president, but it's tough to defend it."
Emanuel: China Talks A SuccessFarmers are already suffering from lower corn and soybean prices due to tariffs that curtailed exports to China.
Wall Street Sees No Easy Off-Ramps To U.S. Trade War With ChinaThe mood on Wall Street is darkening, with analysts increasingly warning of the potential impact on financial markets as the world's two largest economies square off.
How Trump's Trade War Is Already Costing ConsumersThe current China-U.S. tit-for-tat comes on top of U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on imports from allies including the EU, Canada and Mexico.
Is President Trump Already Winning The Trade War With China?After months of threats and gamesmanship, President Trump's tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese industrial imports took effect a minute after midnight Friday.
China-U.S. Tariffs: Wisconsin Cheese Industry Hopes Trump Has Strategy In Trade DisputesAfter midnight Eastern Time on Friday, the U.S. imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, and now the cheese industry is caught in the crossfire of U.S. trade disputes with other countries.
Trump Accuses Harley-Davidson Of Waving 'White Flag' In Budding Trade WarTrump has made a manufacturing revival central to his economic message, hoping to retain his political base of white blue-collar workers.
Harley Davidson To Move Some Production OverseasStocks suffered their worst day this month as fears of a trade war drove investments down. Now Harley Davidson is shipping some production of its famous retro bikes overseas.