Trump Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Travel Ban 'Great Victory For Our Country'"Today's Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous success, a tremendous victory for the American people, and for our Constitution," Mr. Trump said.
Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel BanThe Supreme Court has upheld President Trump's travel ban case on Tuesday by a 5-4 vote, saying in its opinion that the order is "squarely within the scope of Presidential authority."
Supreme Court Hears Trump's 3rd Version Of Travel-BanThe Supreme Court is hearing arguments Wednesday morning over President Trump’s travel ban. The Trump Administration says the policy is needed for security, but challengers say the ban really targets Muslims.
Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement Of Trump Travel BanThe Trump administration is able to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries.
Protesters: Trump's Travel Ban 'Always Was And Still Is A Muslim Ban'Judges in Hawaii and Maryland have temporarily blocked the president’s third version of the travel ban from going into effect.
Trump's Revised Travel Ban BeginsThe new restrictions require a “close” family or business tie to the U.S. before applicants from six mainly Muslim nations can obtain a visa
ACLU Disappointed Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel BanThe American Civil Liberties of Illinois spokesman predicts the court will overturn the ban after hearing arguments this fall.
Illinois Senate President Backs Bill That Protects ImmigrantsThe Illinois Senate is moving forward with legislation that would offer immigrants more protection from federal immigration authorities.
Federal Judge In Hawaii Puts Latest Trump Travel Ban On HoldPresident Trump called the ruling an example of "unprecedented judicial overreach" and said his administration would appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Opponents Ready To Challenge It In CourtA team of lawyers was standing by at O’Hare International Airport on Monday, waiting to help anyone who might be affected by a new travel ban President Donald Trump signed to replace the one blocked by the courts.
25 Immigrants Are Now American CitizensThey came to America from 15 different nations, but 25 immigrants are now American citizens.