Elwood Wants Bridge At Intersection Near Busy Truck FacilityA tiny town just south of Joliet has reached out to state regulators in an effort to make changes to an intersection that sees very heavy truck traffic, in order to keep cargo moving while avoiding a possible catastrophe.
State Troopers Push Back Against Proposal To Raise Truck Size LimitsIllinois State Police troopers were taking on the trucking industry, over a proposal to add 10 feet and nearly ten tons to trucks on the highways.
2 Investigators: Some Trucking Firms On Federal Watch List For Safety ViolationsThe issue is fatigued driving: truckers who violate federal regulations that limit the hours they can stay on the road without a break. CBS 2's Pam Zekman reports.
Fire Destroys Trucks In SummitThere's going to be an investigation into a fire that destroyed trucks overnight in the southwest suburbs.
Some Rock-Hauling Truckers Pose Danger On RoadsOut of nowhere, a rock flies and hits your windshield while you're driving. It happened to one man, who says this can all be avoided if truck drivers make one change.
New State Law Allows Trucks To Go Same Speed As Cars EverywhereAs of Jan. 1, large trucks will be allowed to go the same speed as all other vehicles in all parts of the state – not just some parts.
A New Trend In Crime: Tailgate TheftsLeaving a pickup tailgate unlocked might very well be an open invitation for theft. But Oswego police say it’s happened six times in as many months.
3 Truck Crashes In 9 Hours On Dan Ryan ExpresswayTwo trucks collided and jackknifed overnight, spilling fuel and a load of candy, in one of three accidents involving trucks on the expressway in a period of about nine hours.
Accident On Outbound Eisenhower Snarls TrafficTwo trucks collided on the outbound Eisenhower Expy. on Tuesday, shutting down the expressway at Mannheim Road.
State Waives Weight, Size Restrictions For Short Truck TripsA new state law allows some trucks to exceed the weight and size restrictions for short trips, so as to reduce fuel and equipment costs for Illinois businesses.
Social Service Agencies Feeling The Fuel Pinch, TooThe Greater Chicago Food Depository, which distributes tons of food across the region, is straining under the cost of keeping its delivery trucks on the road. CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.