TSA Launches Push For People To Get REAL IDs, Which Will Be Required To Fly In October 2020The Transportation Security Administration has launched a push for people to get their new REAL ID driver’s licenses or state IDs as the deadline to get them draws near.
TSA Screener Sick-Outs Hit 10 Percent Over Holiday WeekendSunday's 10 percent absence rate indicates that more than 3,000 airport screeners missed work. TSA has 51,000 screeners, and a spokesman said that about 33,000 work on any given day.
Number Of Absent Airport Security Screeners Soars In Shutdown"If I was a government worker, yes, I would probably call in and try to do something else because creditors don't care if you're furloughed or not."
Federal Workers Struggle As Now Longest Ever Government Shutdown ContinuesCongress passed a bill Friday that will give workers affected by the government shutdown back pay when the shutdown ends. President Trump says he'll sign it. 
Chicago TSA Worker Speaks Out About Government ShutdownOne TSA agent, among the nearly 2,000 assigned to either O'Hare or Midway Airports missing their first paycheck, spoke with CBS 2 but asked for her identity to be hidden.
Some Fear TSA Screeners Might Quit If Pay Stops Coming Due To Government ShutdownOn day 16 of the government shutdown, a growing number of TSA screeners are calling in sick, raising concerns of longer wait times and missed flights in the days ahead. 
New TSA Scanner To Be Unveiled In 2019The new scanners produce 3D images so TSA agents can look at the contents from different angles to speed up the screening process.
TSA Posts Actual Audio Recordings During Chaos Of September 11The events of 9/11 as they unfolded through actual audio of first responders, air traffic vontrollers, dispatch personnel, airline employees, pilots, citizens, terrorists.
Los Angeles To Be First US City To Install Body Scanners In SubwaysThey scan your naturally occurring body waves looking for any indication of concealed weapons or explosive devices.
TSA Launches New 3D Scanner Technology To Replace X-Ray ScannersThe scanners can see through cluttered bags and give screeners the ability to zoom in and rotate the bag for a 360-degree view.
One Of The TSA's First Screening Dogs Retiring After 7 Years At O'Hare And MidwayHer nose keeps us safer as we travel, and now she’s heading for a well-deserved retirement.