U.S. Post Office Blamed Short Staffing For Problems With Mail In Chicago, But One Man Says He Looked For Job Hoping To Help And Found NothingWe have been reporting on mail problems for months, and we are still getting bombarded with emails and calls from people saying delivery is only getting worse.
Auburn Gresham Woman Fit To Be Tied With No Mail For More Than A MonthSome Auburn Gresham neighborhood residents have been without mail for more than a month – and even in temperatures well below freezing, there is a line of people outside the Post Office there waiting and looking for their mail.
New Postal Scam Targets Businesses: Checks Acquire Bogus Signatures And Disappear On Southwest SideChecks – six figures’ worth – are disappearing in one ZIP code, and the Post Office has a warning.
Man Shot, Wounded In Car In South Shore; Mail Carrier Was Nearby, But Was Not InjuredA man was shot and wounded in a vehicle on the street in South Shore Thursday afternoon.
Man Charged With Conspiring With Postal Worker Brother To Sell Federal Stimulus Checks That Were Stolen From MailA man was indicted on federal charges this week on charges that that he conspired with his U.S. Postal worker brother to sell government stimulus checks that were stolen from the mail.
Northwest Indiana Woman Fears Items She Mailed To Her Son In Georgia For Christmas May Be Gone For Good -- And She's Not AloneChances are Christmas is coming a little later than usual for some in the Chicago area, as gifts sent through the U.S. Postal Service were still in limbo a day after Christmas for many people.
Families Say Their Holiday Packages Are Lost In Limbo And USPS Told Them They Can't Help NowA local family tried to beat the holiday rush at the Post Office, but it didn’t matter. Their packages never arrived.
Maria Quiroz Became A U.S. Citizen In October, But Now The Documents To Prove It Are Missing In The USPS SystemThe pandemic delayed Maria Quiroz’s becoming a U.S. citizen, and then the U.S. Postal Service lost the documents she needs to prove she has done so.
Congresswoman Pushes For Solutions Amid Persistent Mail Issues In Rogers Park, EdgewaterWe've been digging for months into mail delays that are frustrating residents across the city - to say the least.
Gunfire Leaves Bullet Hole In U.S. Postal Truck In EnglewoodGunfire left a bullet hole in the windshield of a mail truck in Englewood Tuesday afternoon.
ONLY ON 2: Postal Worker Says Many Staffers Are Coming Down With COVID-19, And It's To Blame For Mail DelaysA Chicago-area postal worker spoke out Monday out about the mail service delays and issues we’ve spent months uncovering, across the city and surrounding suburbs.
Mail Service In Edgewater Improving After Major Delays Exposed, But Residents Still Seeking Long-Term Fix"It’s extremely frustrating. You have things like bills that you anticipate; your mortgage, your gas bills," Edgewater resident Peter Riek said.
USPS Says There Are No Delays At Post Office In Bronzeville; Woman Waiting On Workers' Comp Checks Says There AreA Bronzeville woman relies on disability checks to get through the week. The only problem is that she says she can’t rely on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver.
Residents Served By Mount Greenwood Post Office Say They've Had Problems With Mail Since Well Before PandemicPostal problems have been a side effect of the pandemic - but not in this case.
COVID-19 Cases At Post Offices May Be To Blame For Spotty Mail Service In Riverdale And Several Other PlacesSpotty mail service has people in the south suburbs fired up – and worried about the holiday season.