Democrats On Capitol Hill Gear Up For Fight Over Trump's Supreme Court PickPresident Trump is expected to announce his choice for the Supreme Court Monday night, and the moment the nominee is announced, the battle for confirmation will begin.
Trump At Montana Rally: 'Democrats Want Anarchy,' Mocks 'Me Too' MovementMr. Trump also frequently complained of trade deficits while touting the good performance of the economy.
Chicago Judge Seen As One Of Trump's Leading Contenders For Supreme CourtCBS News has learned that D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Chicago Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett are currently Mr. Trump's leading contenders for the appointment to the nation's highest court.
Justice Anthony Kennedy To Retire From Supreme CourtKennedy's retirement gives President Trump his second Supreme Court nomination, following Justice Neil Gorsuch. With this next nomination, he could turn the Supreme Court to the right for a generation.
Supreme Court Rules Unions Can't Charge 'Fair Share' Fees To Non-MembersIn a ruling that could financially cripple labor unions representing government workers, The Supreme Court has overturned a 40-year-old ruling that allows public sector unions to collect fees from non-members to cover the costs of negotiating contracts for all employees.
Trump Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Travel Ban 'Great Victory For Our Country'"Today's Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous success, a tremendous victory for the American people, and for our Constitution," Mr. Trump said.
Supreme Court Voids Part Of California Crisis Pregnancy Center LawThe Supreme Court effectively put an end Tuesday to a California law that forces anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to provide information about abortion. The 5-4 ruling also casts doubts on similar laws in Hawaii and Illinois.
Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel BanThe Supreme Court has upheld President Trump's travel ban case on Tuesday by a 5-4 vote, saying in its opinion that the order is "squarely within the scope of Presidential authority."
Supreme Court Declines To Hear 'Making A Murderer' CaseAs is typical, the justices did not explain their decision declining to take the case.
Justices Adopt Digital-Age Privacy Rules To Track CellphonesThe justices' 5-4 decision marks a big change in how police may obtain information that phone companies collect from the ubiquitous cellphone towers
Supreme Court: Warrant Generally Needed To Track Cell Phone Location DataThe ruling is a major victory for advocates of increased privacy rights who argued more protections were needed when it comes to the government obtaining information from a third party such as a cell phone company.
Supreme Court Rules In Internet Sales Tax Case: States Can Charge Online ShoppersThe 5-4 ruling Thursday is a win for states, who said they were losing out on billions of dollars annually under two decades-old Supreme Court decisions that affected online sales tax collection.
Teen In 'Making A Murderer' Asks U.S. Supreme Court To Take His CaseBrendan Dassey's attorneys say the Wisconsin teen was pressured into a false confession and that video of the interrogation never should have been used to convict him.
Supreme Court Won't Get Involved In Wrigley Field Dispute With RooftopsSkybox on Sheffield and Lakeview Baseball Club sued the Cubs in 2015, arguing in part that a right-field video board the team was adding would block their views of the ballpark and violate terms of a 2004 revenue-sharing agreement.
Trump Considering Pardon For Muhammad Ali, Who Doesn't Need OnePresident Donald Trump said Friday he is considering posthumously pardoning boxer Muhammad Ali, who was convicted in 1967 after refusing military service in Vietnam -- even though Ali's attorney called it "unnecessary."