IDES Sends Social Security Numbers Of 11 Residents To A Random Person: 'It's Just Every Kind Of Wrong'"If it gets into the wrong hands, that could be very very bad."
There May Be A Gap Between When Current Pandemic Benefits End And New Ones Begin: 'There's No Place To Turn'The concern is there could be a gap between when the current packages ends and the new one begins.
'Somebody Ain't Checking Numbers': Chicago Man Frustrated With IDES Mistakes Delaying His Unemployment Checks"They sent me a letter saying I changed my address. Which I didn't do."
Illinoisans Are Being Ordered To Return Unemployment Overpayments Caused By State's Mistakes; State Rep. Is Seeking To Stop It From HappeningLegislation would prevent IDES from going after people when the overpayment issue is the state's fault.
Illinois' Unemployed Want Answers From IDES: 'I Can't Imagine How Much Worse Things Have To Get'"To be honest, what really prompted me to reach out was when I realized I wasn’t the only person."
FEMA Approves Extra $300 In Weekly Unemployment Benefits For IllinoisThe Illinois Department of Employment Security has said, under the current funding model for the program, the $300 in extra benefits will last only about three weeks, based on demand.
Logan Square's 'Can't Pay Cafe' Helps Those Affected By PandemicOrganizers are calling on lawmakers to extend the federal government's extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits during the pandemic.
Illinois To Apply For $300 In Extra Weekly Unemployment Benefits From Federal GovernmentMore than half of U.S. states have been approved for the additional unemployment benefits, but Illinois is not among them yet.
Stolen Social Security Numbers At The Center Of IDES Scams"It's ridiculous. You have to be by your phone. And if you are not by your phone, you have to register for another phone call."
IDES Benefits Scam Targets Seniors; 'It's Upsetting'"I just don't want other people to have to go through this."
Working For Chicago: Fighting Hackers Who Want IDES Money"I was shocked because I haven't worked in 13 years. I just started collecting Social Security when I was 62 and so I would think the government would know that and not send me this card."