Two Women Who Told CBS 2 About Agonizing Waits With IDES Now Have Unemployment Benefits, And Tips If You're Still WaitingAfter doing hundreds of stories on people's agonizing waits for benefits through the Illinois Department of Employment Security, we found two success stories Thursday.
With Some Businesses Struggling To Find Workers, Northwestern University Economist Diane Schanzenbach Suggests 'Reemployment Bonus' Legislation"No one wants to work anymore." That's the candid notice sent by a suburban business owner asking customers to be patient as he struggles to find employees.
'Help Wanted' Signs Are Everywhere, But Employers Still Having A Hard Time Attracting Workers"Out of 16 applicants, eight people are showing up."
Workers Who Lost Jobs In 2020 Get Unexpected $10,200 Tax Break From Federal COVID Relief PlanA record number of folks received unemployment benefits in 2020. If you're one of them, there’s important information you need to know for filing your taxes.
After Smooth Sailing With Unemployment Claims Last Year, Two Former Restaurant Workers Now On Rollercoaster Ride To Get BenefitsThe Morning Insiders found two women pleased with the state's unemployment system for months. Then 2021 hit. Now they're swept up in IDES drama too.
Wheeling Woman Has Made More Than 50 Calls About Unemployment Overpayment, Is Concerned About Who Can See Her Social Security NumberOne woman has called the governor’s office, her state senator, and the Illinois Department of Employment Security more than 50 times in search of help with an unemployment overpayment.
Glenview Man Now Getting Unemployment Benefits After Taking IDES To Court, But What About Others In His Position?With the Illinois Department of Employment Security failing to address issues with unemployment claims properly, a Glenview man had to take them to court to get his benefits.
IDES Sends Social Security Numbers Of 11 Residents To A Random Person: 'It's Just Every Kind Of Wrong'"If it gets into the wrong hands, that could be very very bad."
There May Be A Gap Between When Current Pandemic Benefits End And New Ones Begin: 'There's No Place To Turn'The concern is there could be a gap between when the current packages ends and the new one begins.
'Somebody Ain't Checking Numbers': Chicago Man Frustrated With IDES Mistakes Delaying His Unemployment Checks"They sent me a letter saying I changed my address. Which I didn't do."
Illinoisans Are Being Ordered To Return Unemployment Overpayments Caused By State's Mistakes; State Rep. Is Seeking To Stop It From HappeningLegislation would prevent IDES from going after people when the overpayment issue is the state's fault.