Over 45,000 Unemployment Claims Filed In Illinois For Week Of June 22, Amid COVID-19 PandemicThere were 1,427,000new claims filed across the U.S. last week.
Career Coach: Employment History And Experience, NetworkingCBS 2 is Working for Chicago by getting advice from our career coach every Thursday. 
Unemployed Worker Has Unpaid Claims For Months And No Answers From The StateImagine taking the time to certify for unemployment benefits almost 20 times and still not seeing a dime. CBS 2 is Working for Chicago with reporting that uncovers failures by the state. 
Over 46,000 Unemployment Claims Filed In Illinois For Week Of June 15, Amid COVID-19 PandemicThere were 1,480,000 new claims filed across the country last week.
Trump Returns To A Changed Wisconsin To Shore Up SupportWhen Trump last campaigned in the state in January, the unemployment rate was 3.5%; now, 12% of workers are jobless.
Many Still Struggle To Get A Hold Of Illinois Unemployment Offices; One Woman Finds Success Leaving Contact Info In Note At DoorCBS 2 is Working for Chicago as we continue to hear that many people are waiting to receive benefits they are owed. Some are struggling to get simple answers from the state.
Unemployed Illinoisans Say State's Phone Lines Are Mismanaged And Further Delaying Their BenefitsHundreds of phone calls, but no solution – we continue to hear from people who can't get through for help with unemployment claims or the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.
Over 44,000 Unemployment Claims Filed In Illinois For Week Of June 8, Amid COVID-19 PandemicThere were 1,508,000 new claims filed across the country last week.
Gig Workers Say Their Unemployment Benefits Are Being Held Up By Audits And They Can't Wait AnymoreAudits are holding up the federal money they're desperate for - that's what some gig workers tell CBS 2.
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Some Illinoisans Are Now Back At Work, But Still Can't Get Through To Secure Unemployment They've Been Trying To Get Since MarchJust in the past week, we’ve heard from dozens of people who are still waiting on unemployment benefits – some since March.