Recall Election Ordered Against Wisconsin Gov. Scott WalkerThe elections board in Wisconsin has ordered a historic recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
Indiana Poised To Pass Right-To-Work LawIndiana is now poised to become the first right-to-work state in the nation's industrial belt.
CTA To Hold Last Public Hearing On BudgetChicago Transit Authority bus and train riders have one final chance to weigh in on the new budget for the agency.
Officials Discuss How To Keep Chicago Conventions CompetitiveGov. Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other elected leaders met Tuesday to talk about ways to make shows at McCormick Place less costly in the face of recent court rulings.
Quinn Defends Push To Block Worker Pay RaisesGovernor Pat Quinn continues to defend his efforts to block a negotiated pay raise for state employees.
Shows Will Flee McCormick Place Over Work RulesCourt filings submitted by customers of Chicago's McCormick Place say removal of labor reforms put in place by the Illinois Legislature could prove devastating for the convention center.
125th Anniversary Approaching For Haymarket RiotThis weekend, Chicagoans will observe the 125th anniversary of the notorious Haymarket Affair, and commemorations are planned.
Rough Negotiations Ahead For CTA, UnionsMembers of the incoming Emanuel administration are hinting at tough contract negotiations ahead at the Chicago Transit Authority.
Union Membership Way Up Among Illinois EmployeesEven as the governors of Wisconsin, Ohio and several other states go after employee unions, a new report says union membership among state employees is growing in Illinois.
Ind. Prosecutor Quits After E-Mails About Wis. ProtestersA lawsuit that led to the release of hundreds of e-mails to Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker has resulted in the resignation of a prosecutor in Indiana.
Judge Blocks Wisconsin Law Curbing UnionsA Wisconsin judge has temporarily blocked the new law restricting unions that led 14 state senators to Illinois for weeks to avoid a vote.
Wisconsin Dems Who Hid Out In Illinois Can't VoteThe Democratic senators are back and Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plan has passed, but there is more trouble brewing now in Wisconsin.
Union Leaders Plan To Fight After Wisconsin VoteUnion leaders say they are mounting a major counter-attack against Republicans nationwide, after Wisconsin lawmakers succeeded in stripping nearly all collective bargaining rights.
Wisconsin Dems Furious Over Vote In Their AbsenceThe proposal to strip collective bargaining rights from state employees may have passed the Wisconsin senate, but the battle is far from over.
Walker Rejects Dems' 'Border Summit' IdeaWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is rejecting an offer by Democratic state senators to meet him at the Illinois-Wisconsin state line for a discussion ending the budget standoff.