Chicago Woman Frustrated By Delivery Delays Gets Mail 5 Weeks LaterFor weeks CBS 2 has been investigating delivery delays all over Chicago, and Wednesday for the first time, people are getting an apology from the top. 
Many Retailers Already Struggling With Shipping Delays As Holiday Shopping Season ApproachesThe Morning Insiders take us inside delivery issues hitting some businesses hard at time when they're already fighting to hang on.
Citing Healthcare Concerns, Lawmakers Urge Senate To Approve USPS Funds To Avoid Catastrophic Results"Our patients are seniors. They're veterans. They are people who have mobility and transportation issues, and are at higher risk for COVID-19. We have some zip codes, where 50% of our mail order prescriptions were delayed." 
Chicago Postal Workers Frustrated With Local, National Issues Affecting Their JobsWhile the employees said they appreciate a halt to any further changes until after the election, they're nervous about November.
Postal Service Problems Impact Chicago-Area Processing Centers: 'Mail Is Going To Be Delayed'"If you're gonna take the sorting machines, then you're going to have to hired people back to do it manually."
Troubling Statistics From The United States Postal Service, Set To Lose Billions In A 'Dire' SituationCBS 2 reached out to a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service in Chicago about the chronic problems residents have faced with infrequent deliveries. No one has responded, but in recent weeks, he has denied any issues with mail service in our area.
Woman Claims Scammers Stole A Check She Mailed At The Post OfficeA check for cable ended up wiping out a Chicago woman's bank account, and the scammers simply used Wite-Out. 
Missing Mail Found Dumped On Chicago's Southwest SideWho's not paying attention to this? We don't deserve this. We do not deserved to be treated like this."
'Operation Santa' Starts Wednesday At The Post OfficeIt works by adopting a letter or two and dropping off requested gifts at the post office. 
Mail Fail: Deliveries Can't Be Made To Box With Legally Park CarA Willow Springs woman said the U.S. Postal Service isn't delivering important packages because cars are blocking her mailbox.
FedEx To Deliver 7 Days A Week To Satisfy Online ShoppersThe company plans to step up the shift away from the U.S. Postal Service this fall and handle the "vast majority" of SmartPost deliveries itself by the end of next year.