Medical Marijuana Users Frustrated By Lower Supply, Rising Prices In IllinoisIs Illinois’ pot supply going up in smoke?
When Pot Is Legal, CHA Residents Won't Be Able To Light Up"It's totally unfair to say one sector can do something and public housing people can't."
A Year Later, No Barricades At Boat Launch Where Two Men Died"It's been a whole year, 12 months, and it's still not blocked off. It could happen to anybody."
15-Year-Old Charged With Attempted Murder; 7 Year-Old Clings To Life After She Was Shot In The Neck"She's a child of Little Village. We love her, care for her and pray for her."
Chicago Teachers' Strike Ends With Agreement: Did Teachers Get What They Wanted?A teachers’ strike that tied for the fourth longest in Chicago history is now over – but did the teachers get what they wanted?
Cresco Labs, Joliet-Based Marijuana Producer, Is Growing Its WorkforceLegal recreational marijuana is only months away in Illinois, but those who grow and package cannabis are looking for a new crop of employees to meet demand.
Suspect In Custody For Shooting Deaths Of Teens In Calumet City"She was sunshine. Ready to start college and proceed with life. Now she can't do that."
Chicago Teacher Average Salary And How Their Deals Stack Up To Educators In Other CitiesEven before any offer from the mayor were to kick in, Chicago teachers on average already make more than those in the other largest cities in the country.
Crunching The Numbers On The Cost Of A Possible CTU StrikeSticking points apparently include class sizes. The CTU said 1,300 classrooms throughout the district are overcrowded. It wants to drop the official class limit from 28 to 24 students in primary schools and from 31 to 28 students in high school.
GM Strike Creates A Casualty: Car Part Shortage"We can't get cars back to customers in a timely manner. If you had a GM vehicle, I'd tell you not to leave the car here."
Another Completion Date To Be Missed For Navy Pier FlyoverIt took less time to build the Golden Gate Bridge than to build the Navy Pier Flyover – whose completion date for the end of the year will be missed again.