More Restaurants Seeking To Appeal To Your Eardrums As Much As Your Taste BudsThe focus on sound comes at a time when open kitchens and industrial hard-surface designs entice diners’ eyes, but might strain their ears.
Mural Registry To Document, Preserve Chicago Artwork"We had three tragic incidents last year where murals were wiped out. We don't want that to happen again."
Twisted Parking Sign Leads To TicketsA twisted parking sign has led to tickets for some Chicago drivers, who are upset the city has rejected their appeals.
Historic Near North Side Row Houses Spared From Demolition, But Where Is The Money Investors Spent On Skyscraper Plan?The three former row houses, which have been transformed into a mix of restaurants and businesses, sit on the corner of Superior and Wabash.
Loose Parking Sign Leaves Drivers Twisting In The WindIf you live in Chicago, checking the parking signs is supposed to be the best way to avoid a ticket, but sometimes the signs can leave drivers not knowing which way to turn.
Air Force Academy High School Training The Next Generation Of PilotsIt’s an industry that flies high, but aviation could soon be struggling to soar, because of a shortage of pilots. That’s where Air Force Academy High School, a public school on the South Side, comes in.
Star Wars Fan Worries Prepaid Convention Parking Might Prove PointlessRachel Heiress isn’t trying to park her Millennium Falcon, just a small sedan at this week’s Star Wars Celebration fan convention at McCormick Place, but she now has reason to worry her prepaid parking passes might be worthless.
Oak Lawn Students Raising Money To Finish Building Hospital In Bolivia; 'It Goes All Back To Helping The Other Man'Six students at Oak Lawn Community High School have raised nearly $20,000 to help finish building a hospital in a struggling corner of Bolivia.
Edgewater Beach Apartments Replace Tattered Flag After Flap Over Old Glory; 'It’s A Sacred Thing, The Flag'The American flag flying high above an Edgewater high-rise was intended to be an honorable gesture, but extensive wear and tear had it looking much less than its best.
She Left Robert Taylor Homes For 'Permanent' Residence; Now CHA Says She Has To MoveKelly King saw it as a promise of a permanent home, but the Chicago Housing Authority said “permanent” didn’t mean she would never move again.
'It's Another Cost, It's Another Permit'; HaiSous Owners Share Costs Of Opening A Business In Chicago; 'It Was A Whirlwind'It’s the American dream to open your own business, but it can be an expensive bureaucratic headache. CBS 2 Morning Insider walks us through the costly steps in Chicago.
AT&T Customer Struggles To Get Answers After He Was Billed $1,500 For Phone He ReturnedA Pilsen man followed AT&T’s instructions to return a $1,200 phone he had bought, but later received a bill for more than $1,500.
Improv Therapy Helping Many Cope With Depression, AnxietyPeople who suffer from depression and other psychological challenges are learning to cope through laughter, with an improv comedy program.
Deficit Of Affordable Housing Leaves Many Struggling To Find A Home In Their BudgetThere is a gap in the supply of affordable housing in every neighborhood in Chicago, even those with some of the lowest rents in the city.
Chicago Still Has 75 Miles Of Streets That Haven't Been Improved Since The Great DepressionMany Chicago streets are in bad shape; that’s not a surprise, but did you know some of them date back to the Great Depression?