Walter's Perspective: Chicago Isn't Chicago Without The PigeonsChicago without pigeons is like Chicago without the lakefront, or the lions at the Art Institute, or the Cubs, or City Hall.
Walter's Perspective: President's Cabinet Male-HeavyCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says the Commander-in-Chief's Cabinet stands to lose any sense of gender balance in his second term.
Walter's Perspective: More Of The Same Nothing From Lawmakers On Pension CrisisIt's hard to believe, but there are some players in the news playing worse than the Fighting Irish.
Walter's Perspective: Education Is Next Fiscal CliffCBS 2's Walter Jacobson sounds off on lawmakers and their inability to help keep schools running.
Walter's Perspective: The Koschman-Vanecko Court Case Is Classic Chicago WayThe Koschman-Vanecko story has become a really big one.
Walter's Perspective: Burglary At High-End Retailer Overshadowed By Price Of MerchandiseCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is flabbergasted by the type of merchandise ripped off from a hoity-toity Gold Coast store Thursday.
Walter's Perspective: Hooray For Rahm Standing Up To Parking Meter FirmThere's no cheering the Chicago Bears this week, so I'm looking for something else to feel good about; to say “that's fabulous,” and “right on,” and “go for it.”
Walter's Perspective: Jackson Jr. Watch Is Thankfully QuietCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is grateful media coverage has died down about Jesse Jackson Jr., now that he has resigned his congressional seat.
Walter's Perspective: CTA Price Increases Hard To SwallowIt was a bad day today on the subway, knowing my 30 day pass is about to expire, and the cost of a new one's about to go up next year.
From Rising Star To Resignation: A Look Back At Jesse Jackson Jr.'s CareerCBS 2's Walter Jacobson looks back at Jesse Jackson Jr.'s rise from a promising political star to a man beset by serious health problems and a federal probe of possible wrongdoing.
Walter's Perspective: Nothing Crabby About Donating To Sandy VictimsTake it from a reporter who's crabby all the time, or much of the time. Take it from me, that something wonderful has just happened in Chicago: hundreds of people called the Red Cross today to offer help to ease the suffering of Hurricane Sandy.
Walter's Perspective: Christmas Shopping Crowds ThanksgivingCBS 2's Walter Jacobson talks turkey about the onslaught of commercialism and its impact on Thanksgiving.
Walter's Perspective: Do-Nothing Congress Sure Is Paid A LotCBS 2's Walter Jacobson tallies up the costs taxpayers fork over to a Congress that gives very little in return.
Walter's Perspective: Give Mourning Firefighters A New ContractCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says the colleagues of fallen firefighter Herbie Johnson deserve a new, fair contract.
Walter's Perspective: Tear Down PrenticeNot much is being said anymore about presidential debates, but in Chicago, there's a hospital debate to talk about; a great debate about Northwestern University's famous Prentice Women’s Hospital.