Walter's Perspective: Obama's Voting Stunt An Expensive OneIt was a good photo opportunity: President Obama returning to his hometown to cast an early ballot. CBS 2's Walter Jacobson has a problem with it, though.
Walter's Perspective: Even Candidates Don't Know What They MeanOutside, on the Clark Street side of City Hall on Tuesday, a voter I met asked me about the presidential debate Monday night, which was watched by more than 50 million people.
Walter's Perspective: Mayor Needs To Find The Cash For More CopsI have a subway story to tell you; on the Red Line this morning, the train talk was all about cops, cops, cops, cops. Kind of like President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney talking all about jobs, jobs, jobs.
Walter's Perspective: Plenty Of Reasons To Celebrate Italian HeritageI'm a day late, but not too late, because it's never too late to celebrate Columbus Day, and add to my reasons every year for why we should stop thinking of Italians as godfather gangsters, and remember what they've given to the world.
Walter's Perspective: Obama Threw Away First DebateCBS 2's Walter Jacobson has some harsh words for President Obama and his performance at this week's presidential debate.
Community Activist To Walter: Gang Membership Not Inevitable Phillip Jackson, head of the Black Star Project, an organization that directs young men away from gangs, says a recent CBS 2 report doesn’t represent what’s really going on in the streets.
Walter's Perspective: Let's Make Sure Voters Win The DebateAre you planning to watch the presidential debate on Wednesday? I am, to see what President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are like face-to-face, and hear what they say specifically about the economy.
Walter's Perspective: Church Should Not Displace PriestCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says an 80-year-old Chicago should not be put out to pasture.
'Killing Is The Solution,' Gang Member Tells Walter JacobsonCBS 2’s Walter Jacobson sat down with gang members in Chicago’s troubled Englewood neighborhood.
Walter's Perspective: Cutler's Sideline Bump Is Much Ado About NothingCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says the Bears have bigger fish to fry, even if the media continues to be fascinated by quarterback Jay Cutler's angry sidelines behavior.
Walter's Perspective: Rahm Can't Provoke Cops And Firefighters Like He Did TeachersIf there ever were one, this is an “ouch” time in Chicago, being on pins and needles about the teachers and the mayor.
New Book Taps Into 'Golden' Blagojevich Corruption Saga2 Chicago Tribune reporters have a written a blow-by-blow account of ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich's downfall. CBS 2's Walter Jacobson reports.
Walter's Perspective: The Mayor Can Find Money For SchoolsMayor Rahm Emanuel seems to find money for everything his administration wants, CBS 2's Walter Jacobson reports. So why can't he find money for the schools?
Walter's Perspective: I've Got My Own Slogans For The Teachers' StrikeI'm all for getting into the swing of things – the crisis in public education, the slipping and sliding of our public schools, the boss man of City Hall, the boss woman of the Chicago Teachers Union, the parades, and those picket signs.
Walter's Perspective: More Transparency In School Negotiations Is ElementaryCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says taxpayers should have a better look into contract negotiations between teachers and Chicago Public Schools.