Walter's Perspective: Chicago Isn't Chicago Without The PigeonsChicago without pigeons is like Chicago without the lakefront, or the lions at the Art Institute, or the Cubs, or City Hall.
Walter's Perspective: More Of The Same Nothing From Lawmakers On Pension CrisisIt's hard to believe, but there are some players in the news playing worse than the Fighting Irish.
Walter's Perspective: New Gun Control Debate Is EncouragingIn the great debate about guns, there are some unexpected things happening in the wake of the horrific shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
Walter's Perspective: The Koschman-Vanecko Court Case Is Classic Chicago WayThe Koschman-Vanecko story has become a really big one.
Walter's Perspective: Hooray For Rahm Standing Up To Parking Meter FirmThere's no cheering the Chicago Bears this week, so I'm looking for something else to feel good about; to say “that's fabulous,” and “right on,” and “go for it.”
Walter's Perspective: Jackson Jr. Watch Is Thankfully QuietCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is grateful media coverage has died down about Jesse Jackson Jr., now that he has resigned his congressional seat.
Walter's Perspective: CTA Price Increases Hard To SwallowIt was a bad day today on the subway, knowing my 30 day pass is about to expire, and the cost of a new one's about to go up next year.
Walter's Perspective: Nothing Crabby About Donating To Sandy VictimsTake it from a reporter who's crabby all the time, or much of the time. Take it from me, that something wonderful has just happened in Chicago: hundreds of people called the Red Cross today to offer help to ease the suffering of Hurricane Sandy.
Walter's Perspective: Christmas Shopping Crowds ThanksgivingCBS 2's Walter Jacobson talks turkey about the onslaught of commercialism and its impact on Thanksgiving.
Walter's Perspective: Tear Down PrenticeNot much is being said anymore about presidential debates, but in Chicago, there's a hospital debate to talk about; a great debate about Northwestern University's famous Prentice Women’s Hospital.
Walter's Perspective: Even Candidates Don't Know What They MeanOutside, on the Clark Street side of City Hall on Tuesday, a voter I met asked me about the presidential debate Monday night, which was watched by more than 50 million people.