Why Is McHenry Family's Water Bill So Much Higher Than Their Neighbors?"There is a $60 a month base fee that I’m paying monthly before I even use any water," Robert Bane said.
Restaurant Owner Charged $56,000 For Two Months Of WaterA restaurant owner says he almost had a heart attack when he opened a water bill that turned out to be $56,000 for two months. And he says the city's response hasn't made it much better. 
Water Bill Drains Money From Englewood ResidentThe city department of water management would not confirm if the worker is a full or part-time employee. 
Lake Station, Ind. Resident Stunned By $1,200 Water BillCBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports Lake Station, Indiana resident James Williams owes more than $1,200 to the city’s water department. He says there’s no way he used the amount of water the city is billing him for.
Tenants Go Without Water For A Week As Landlord Doesn't Pay Bill As the heat descends on the city, the tenants at a Humboldt Park apartment building say they haven't had any water since last week - and their landlord admits it's because she didn't pay the water bill.
Several Aldermen Preparing Ordinance To Exempt Non-Profits From Water BillsTo be honest, 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti says he hasn’t seen the mayor’s ordinance yet and whether it exempts enough charities. But if it doesn’t, he says he and some colleagues have their own.
Niles Takes Glenview To Court Over Water BillThe Village of Niles filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Village of Glenview, alleging Glenview is refusing to pay Niles for water it provided for north suburban customers this spring.