Your Chicago: Historic Pullman NeighborhoodCBS 2's Rob Johnson looks at Pullman's origins as part of the Pullman Railcar empire -- and its future.
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Your Chicago: Testa Produce And Green Energy
Your Chicago: Restaurant Rooftop GardensEveryone knows local food is fresher food, but now Chicago chefs are finding a way to find local food right outside their kitchens. CBS 2's Kate Sullivan reports.
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Internationally Acclaimed Exhibition Arrives In Chicago, Last Stop Of World TourImpressionism, Fashion, And Modernity exhibit comes to Chicago.
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Your Chicago: Old Town
Your Chicago: Student Activists At Reilly Elementary SchoolStudents are lobbying the Chicago Park District and aldermen for an improved Parkview Park just blocks away from their school in the largely Hispanic Avondale neighborhood. CBS 2's Rob Johnson reports.
Your Chicago: Women Who Love Craft BeerThe Local Option is a local watering hole in Lincoln Park, a place where women are meeting and drinking with a decidedly serious agenda: to talk about beer, really good beer. CBS 2's Kate Sullivan reports.
Your Chicago: CCA Academy And 'Aquaponics'In tank after tank at CCA -- some big, some small -- the principles of aquaponics are being put to the test to support urban farming. CBS 2's Rob Johnson reports.
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