Chicago offers so much to do during the winter season, and fun snow day activities are in abundance. Chicago expert Aimee Gaspari’s work with Loyola’s Department of Community Relations has given her a lot of insight and expertise in regards to the great things going on in Chicago during the winter season.
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Aimee is a student at Loyola University Chicago, working towards a dual degree in advertising/public relations and theatre. She works at Loyola’s Department of Community Relations Office as their Blog Manager for the Ramblin’ Around Blog. The goal of this blog is to encourage student patronage of the local business community and offer a unique opportunity for relationship building. Aimee grew up in the Western suburbs and now lives in Chicago.  She shares the five best snow day activities in Chicago.

Shopping On The Magnificent Mile

“Though the streets and stores may be crowded with hundreds of people who had the same idea as you, there is no sight quite like watching the snow fall down on the beautiful skyscrapers as you head towards Water Tower Place. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your Grandma or just looking to window shop, the Mag Mile has countless stops along the way. If you have time, I recommend checking out the newly opened store Uniqlo for those comfy fleece sweaters and warm winter jackets we all love.”

Christkindlmarket Market

“The popular Christkindlmarket is a free outdoor market popular for its German food and drinks in addition to countless shops and holiday entertainment. It is visited by people from all over the world and has definitely become a Chicago institution that is perfect for the holiday season.”

Ice Skating At Millennium Park

“It goes without saying that you cannot have a Christmas in Chicago without visiting McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Millennium Park.  I would be lying if I said that I am a good ice skater. In fact, I am rather terrible and oftentimes refuse to even go on the ice for fear of falling. However, this does not stop me from visiting the Ice Rink each year with my loved ones. Simply being surrounded by all of the people at such a gorgeous location is fun in itself. Skates are $12 to rent, but you can also bring your own if you have them. Be sure to also stop by the Cloud Gate sculpture, commonly known as the Bean. This is a popular tourist attraction where locals like me still enjoy going from time to time to take funny selfies with friends.”

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Sledding Or Building A Snowman

“Now, some of you may be thinking that these activities seem a little childish, but it goes without saying that these are classic for a snow day. You may be saying, ‘I’m not six years old anymore,’ or ‘We are not in the movie Frozen.’ However, sledding and building a snowman are timeless snow activities for people of any age. I will admit that finding a place to sled in Chicago may be difficult, but be sure to check out James Park in Evanston or Flick Park in Glenview. Make certain to bundle up, wear extra socks, and do not forget gloves! Speaking of Frozen, a fun holiday contest between friends and family could even be a to create your best Olaf.”

Hot Chocolate And Movie Marathon

“Finally, my personal favorite thing to do on a cold, snowy day in Chicago is to stay indoors with hot beverages, blankets and my favorite movies. Some may think that this defeats the purpose of interacting with the snow or doing anything ‘real’ in the city, but sometimes you are just in the mood to stay warm and watch winter unfold through the comfort of your living room. Whether you use Netflix, Hulu or have a collection of your own DVDs, holiday and family comedies are always the way to go in my opinion. For me, the original Home Alone is the go-to option for a fun, Christmas-themed family movie that also takes place in Chicago.”

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