As a registered nurse and an independent fitness coach with Team Beachbody, DiOrio has the glory of combining her knowledge base with the most current fitness trends around.
Photo courtesy of Shari DiOrio

Photo courtesy of Shari DiOrio

Shari DiOrio
Independent Fitness Coach
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As we look into the year ahead, we are all wanting to change up our routine, engage in better eating habits and lose those nagging few pounds. Keeping your New Year’s resolution can be tough when related to fitness, but it is possible with a few tips.

Know That Change Is A Process

The most common finding amongst individuals looking to stick to their new fitness resolution is that people do not see immediate change and become easily discouraged. As with any challenge, change is a correlation of so many little things. Only when combining these things can anyone expect results. Change is a process, yet we want immediate results. At the beginning of every year, we vow to do things differently, to eat better or to join a gym. Unfortunately, it fades away because we don’t see immediate changes in our bodies. We get discouraged and want to forget every vow we made. I always tell people it takes just as long to lose 20 pounds as it did to gain it.

Everything In Moderation

Moderation is crucial. The most common misconception is that one must completely avoid foods they enjoy, which is incorrect and virtually impossible. If one was to give up ALL their favorite foods, one would ultimately fail. Allowing yourself treats in moderation and giving in to what you enjoy most is a must. I am a big believer in the 80/20 rule. One who eats wise 80 percent of the time should be able to maintain weight if they’re getting adequate exercise.

Superfoods & Shakeology

As a Beachbody coach, Shakeology is a huge part. What is Shakeology? Shakeology is a protein shake that gives me everything I need in one shake, for the entire day. Shakeology has all the essentials needed for anybody to either maintain weight or enter weight loss mode. Most people are unaware of the essentials your body requires to go into weight loss mode. Without these essentials, you are stuck at a plateau or can’t shake that last 10 pounds. High protein meals and wise food choices is vital. Educate yourself on what superfoods you enjoy. Adding them to your daily regimen gives your body what it needs. It is true, abs are made in the kitchen.

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We all want to do all these great things for our bodies with respect to nutrition and fitness. However, we don’t hold ourselves accountable. Being accountable is a huge element to being successful. Not only does involving others on your journey hold you accountable, but it adds to the social aspect of the activity. With Beachbody, we utilize numerous home workout DVDs, all based on your current fitness level. Not only does this allow for the convenience of workouts, but we also hold challenge groups with people following the same path or weight loss journey. We hold each other accountable, either in person or via social media groups. We motivate each other, sharing tips and recipes and checking in with your fellow challengers every day. All of this is part of being accountable to both yourself and others, and is sure to keep you honest.

Choose A Fitness Program You Enjoy

I cannot express the importance of this concept enough in achieving your fitness goals. Everyone is different; we all enjoy different activities. Some of us may love to run while others may loathe the thought of running as a form of exercise.  If it’s running you love, then running should be your primary exercise. However, never force yourself to be part of a fitness activity you don’t enjoy — the results are inevitably negative. If you feel forced to do something five days a week, odds are you will not follow through. Beachbody workouts let me pick and choose the type of workout I want based on my current fitness goals. Whatever your form of exercise is, it should be something you truly enjoy if you want results to follow.

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