Liz Reid, longtime employee and customer service representative of Genesis Art Supply, has some great suggestions for to how to keep your kids entertained on a snow day. One of the best ways to engage your kids is to get their imaginations going, and artistic activities do just that. Getting “artsy” can open a lot of creative doors while being fun and easy. Consider some of these activities the next time school is closed on account of snow, and see how your child will not only be entertained but will also continue to learn while school is closed for the day.

Liz Reid (Courtesy of Liz Reid)

Liz Reid (Courtesy of Liz Reid)

Liz Reid
Genesis Art Supply
2525 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
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Genesis Art Supply is a Chicago-based brick-and-mortar art supply and framing store, with a long history dating back to 1989. The staff is comprised of art professionals from various backgrounds who are knowledgeable in every step of the artistic process. Containing art supplies for everything from simple sketches to building models or even furniture, there is sure to be something for everyone during your visit. Boasting easy-to-use services, quality products and fair pricing, Genesis Art Supply is great for those looking to encourage imagination and creativity in their little one during a snow day in Chicago. Genesis Art Supply customer service representative Liz Reid can offer some of her own activity tips on how to keep your child entertained on a snow day.

Snow Art

“If there’s enough snow to close school, odds are there’s enough with which to get creative! Snowmen, snow angels or any snow sculpture is a fun afternoon activity. Sticks, pinecones and old snow gear can serve as clever props for your snow creation. Just make sure everyone is properly bundled up before starting on your snow sculpture!”

Paint A Winter Landscape

“Painting is such a creative activity and with a fresh, snowy landscape outside, you’ve got an easily accessible subject. Watercolors and tempera (poster paint) are an easier clean up than oil paints and the artwork dries more quickly, but any style of painting will be fun. Provide the kids with an apron, smock or even just an old shirt as a makeshift smock. Take a picture of an especially dreamy snowscape or have the kids think up their own winter landscape.”

Visit An Art Museum

“Weather permitting, this can make a great field trip on a snow day. There are so many art museums and galleries scattered throughout Chicago, many of which are free to visit! It can be a memorable experience for the kids and can expose them to new artistic concepts and methods. Art museums and galleries can inspire the artist inside and make for an educational day off of school. Do some research to see which museums or galleries might be good candidates for the afternoon. You could even check out the current gallery at Genesis Art Supply!”

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Paint A Mug For Hot Chocolate

“Another inexpensive art project for a snow day is custom painting a mug. You can usually find blank white mugs at the nearest dollar store and acrylic paint markers or oil-based sharpies can be found at Genesis Art Supply. Best practices for keeping your artwork protected include baking the mug for about 30 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. Let the mugs cool down in the oven to be safe, and make sure to hand wash your custom mug to be gentler on the artwork.”

Draw A Portrait

“Drawing is an easy and fun indoor activity that allows for the most flexibility in terms of supplies needed. Portraits are nice because you can give your child a familiar subject like a family member or a family pet. Drawing from pictures is a nice solution if no models are available. Pencils, pens, markers, pastels or crayons all make for good tools. Plus, drawing is not quite as messy as painting.”

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