Those old Spice Girls or Def Leppard posters and goth canopy draping over the bed have got to go. Alicia Rosauer, co-owner and Creative Director at Unison, can help you transform your bedroom into the comfortable, gorgeous space it should be for reading, resting and enhancing your relationship, all on a budget. For the uninitiated, Unison offers a fantastic selection of bed linens from sheets to duvets to pillows in its warehouse and new store at 1911 West Division St. The business designs and sells modern home fashions distinguished by bold colors, interesting patterns and excellent quality so your look will last a long, long time.

Alicia Rosauer
1911 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 227-3180

Husband-and-wife team Robert Segal and Alicia Rosauer returned to the States after a four–year design stint in Finland in 2006. They were so inspired by “modern design, nature, architecture, photography and textiles,” that the two established a product line that would bring modern design into everyday life. Think “minimal but with substance,” and you can envision the collection that is “warm while maintaining minimal, modern qualities through the use of unique color and quality fabrics.”

Classic Bedding

“Our Sailor+Regatta striped bedding is always in season and is so classic a pattern that it will stand the test of time. It’s been a best seller for Unison going on five years now. Available in Pewter or Navy, it’s appealing to both men and women. The duvet is reversible as well.”

Mix It Up

“Bedding doesn’t have to tell one story. Use what you have and blend in coordinating colors and/or patterns with pillows, pillow cases/shams or a throw at the end of the bed to change the look.”

Fabric As Wall Art

“If buying new bedding is not in your budget, fabric hanging behind an otherwise blank wall is another great way to spice up and fill in a bedroom. Even just a couple yards tacked onto a cheap flea market headboard can work wonders graphically and function-wise to a bedroom.”


“Artwork also makes a big impact on any room. We have a range of prints that we have curated and a range that we are producing to match our bedding patterns. What’s great about art is you can take it with you and try it in other rooms. You can’t do that with a freshly painted wall! ”

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Bring The Oudoors Inside

“Turn your bedroom into a peaceful garden with Sky Planters. Flowers and plants are great, inexpensive ways to bring life into the room, which also translates calmness.”

Don’t Go Haywire

“Instead of a separate clock radio, charger for your phone and multiple cords, use the Ecoustik iPhone dock. It takes up minimal space, works with any decor, is sleek and sophisticated yet multi-functional as a charger/alarm/radio all in one.”

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