(Photo Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

When you think of decorating your home for a major holiday, you might envision carved pumpkins for Halloween and wreaths or garland for the winter holidays. But have you thought about decorating for Thanksgiving? Whether you’re preparing a feast for a crowd or hosting a few friends for dessert and cocktails, decorating your home for Thanksgiving on November 26 can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Two party planners in the Chicago area shared their tips on how to decorate for the big day.
Lisa Kucik
The RSVP Events
(630) 362-3490

Certified party planner Lisa Kucik is the owner of The RSVP Events, an event-planning party located in the Chicago suburb of Plainfield. The RSVP Events can help plan a wide range of parties that include birthdays, family reunions, baby showers, bachelorette parties, housewarmings, bridal showers and divorce parties. When it comes to finding the right centerpiece for Thanksgiving, Kucik recommended using an “understated” approach. “Something as simple as candles can create a warm atmosphere. Use pumpkins, too, as they come in so many colors,” she said.

Erica Buss
Tasty Catering
1900 Touhy Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 593-2000

From catering boxed lunches to plated wedding dinners, Tasty Catering offers a wide range of catering services for a number of different events. Erica Buss is on the company’s Special Events team, which covers weddings, holiday events, grand openings, corporate events and more. Although having the right decorations on the table can make a difference, “You can get too much into the details and forget why you’re getting together for Thanksgiving,” Buss said. “It’s nice to share why you’re thankful for the year, as it’s a reminder of what the holiday is supposed to be about.”

Decorate The Exterior Of Your Home

Kucik noted that decorating the outside, including the front porch, is a crucial step when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving. “I think this is the important step, as it sets the mood for guests. It’s their first impression as they walk into your home,” she noted. She advised using in-season flowers and traditional fall decor for the exterior of the home, including fresh mums and hay bales. You can also repurpose pumpkins and gourds from your Halloween decorations. “Pumpkins and gourds are fine as long as you aren’t carving them,” she said.

Don’t Overdo Scents In Your Home

When it comes to using scents in your home at Thanksgiving, don’t overdo it. “Try to coordinate the scents. Maybe the basement has one scent, and the first floor has a different scent,” Kucik said. Don’t grab the first jar of scented candles you see, either. “Scented candles should complement each other, and there are so many nice scents at this time of year,” Kucik noted, and recommended using a vanilla scent with pumpkin spice.

Add Blue To Your Decor

Incorporating the colors of the season in your holiday decorating can bring a warm look to your Thanksgiving celebration. Kucik advises using red, gold and orange in your decorations. The colors can also be used in napkins, plates and other serving items. “You can add a pop of a different color, like teal or cobalt, to your decorations, too,” she said.

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Go For The Gold

If you’d like to add a metallic touch to your decorations, then consider gold. “Metallic gold is so in right now, and I love the look of metallic gold painted pumpkins or gourds,” Buss said. “The greatest thing is you can use the pumpkins at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pretty much up until the Christmas decorations come out. It’s an easy and simple way to dress up the table and add a pop of color to the middle,” she added.

Incorporate Seasonal Decor In Every Room

Don’t forget your bathroom when decorating your home for Thanksgiving. “Mix in the seasonal colors when you can,” Buss said. Use a fingertip towel in seasonal colors, or place an in-season accent piece by the sink to complete the look.

Create A Taffy Apple Station

Your table’s place settings can include more than a votive candle or colorful napkin. Buss suggested using taffy apples complete with chocolate chips, sprinkles and other toppings as place settings. “You can even make a taffy apple station for all guests. Just keep plastic bags with a closure so guests can bring everything home,” she said.

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