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By Mason Johnson

Well? Where is it? Where’s your favorite burger in Chicago?

Is it at the place down the street from you? Or all the way across town? Maybe it’s in the suburbs. Maybe your mother makes it (in which case, don’t let us know, your mother’s a nice woman, but unless she owns her own burger joint, we don’t care).

For the past 3 years we’ve suggested what we think are the best burgers in Chicago. We’re ready for a change — we want to hear what you think! This isn’t a vote, mind you. The idea is that you suggest your favorite place, we try it out, and maybe it’ll make our top burgers list, maybe it won’t.

If we’re lucky, this might just cut down on all the threats we get from Chicago’s many burger fanatics.

Just let us know where the best burgers are in the comments section below, and we’ll do the rest.

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Well, what do you think? Where’s the best burger in Chicago?

Mason Johnson, CBS Chicago