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October 5, 2010 6:05 PM


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Though breastfeeding is a natural way to bond with and nourish babies, it often doesn’t come without challenges. Mothers who are interested in breastfeeding or who are having trouble with establishing a solid breastfeeding relationship with their newborns often wonder where to turn for help and even contemplate giving up on nursing their babies out of shear frustration or fear. If you’re having trouble nursing or are just preparing for a nursing relationship, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultants can help!

IBCLCs work with a mother and a newborn to correct nearly all breastfeeding problems. From correct latch to ideal positioning to relieving pain, IBCLCs are trained in lactation and have worked with many nursing duos.

Cygnus Lactation Services

– Jeanne Cygnus, IBCLC, RLC
402 N. Seymour Ave. / Mundelein, IL 60060
(847) 837-4091

Cygnus Lactation Services is the professional home of IBCLC Jeanne Cygnus. Cygnus’ store is open and warm, housing comfortable couches and nursing chairs for moms to get comfortable in while nursing their babes.

Cygnus Lactation Services offers one-on-one breastfeeding consultations where mom and baby sit down with Cygnus to uncover the root of any breastfeeding issue and work together to alleviate the problem. Cygnus’ empathtic and gentle approach to solving breastfeeding issues is embraced by parents and babies alike, and her passion for helping nursing mothers is apparent as she works with the family to help mom and baby establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Cygnus also offers name-brand breast pumps rentals and sales. She also has nursing bras, breastfeeding accessories and baby carriers available for purchase. Her store hosts Baby and Me classes as well as the Lake County Babywearers’ monthly morning meeting.

In addition to having walk-in clinic hours, Cygnus welcomes new parents to schedule in-office appointments.

The Mother’s Milk Company

– Barbara Hardin, IBCLC; RN, Jean H. Vondriska Med, IBCLC; Juli Billings Walter, IBCLC
Chicago and near-by suburbs
(773) 595-5593

The Mother’s Milk Company offers in-home consultations to mothers in the Chicago western suburbs and focuses on nurturing mothers and new families by offering the highest quality of breastfeeding support possible.
Hardin, Vondriska and Billings, each with roots in La Leche League International, are available to work with a mother and baby, and often, same-day consultations can be arranged. Hardin, the founder of Mother’s Milk Company has been serving nursing moms and babies since 1988, giving her 21 years of working with thousands of nursing duos.

Lactation Innovation

– Janet Talmadge, BA, IBCLC, RLC
Naperville and Western Chicago Suburbs
(630) 357-0028

Janet Talmadge has worked with hundreds of breastfeeding mothers since she earned her lactation certification in 1994. Talmadge, who nursed all four of her children and led a breastfeeding support group for 15 years, welcomes mothers into her Naperville office for consultations and also attends in-home consultations in the southwestern and western suburbs of Chicago.
Lactation Innovation hosts in-store prenatal breastfeeding classes for expecting parents. Additionally, Lactation Innovations offers breast pump sales and rentals as well as herbs and vitamins for mom and baby.

New Mother New Baby

– Gail Macklin, IBCLC, RN
3115 Dundee Rd. / Northbrook, IL 60062-2402
(847) 272-1500

Gail Macklin, owner of New Mother New Baby, helps mothers feel at ease in her store with her warm personality and expansive knowledge about breastfeeding.

As an obstetrical nurse for Evanston Hospital 25 years ago, Macklin realized there were few area resources for helping mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journey. She has been helping breastfeeding mothers successfully nurse their babies for 14 years, and she opened New Mother New Baby in the summer of 2009 so as to provide parents with a place where they could go for nursing help, specialized classes and to purchase nursing and babywearing essentials.

Aside from offering lactation counseling, New Mother New Baby also plays host to a monthly babywearing class taught by one of the Lake County Babywearing leaders as well as an Intro to Cloth Diapering class.

The Art of Breastfeeding Inc.

— Cynthia Guzman, IBCLC, RLC and Peggy Healy, IBCLC, RLC
Chicago, DuPage County and Northern Cook County
(773) 420-7534

Cynthia Guzman and Peggy Healy, both IBCLCs and RLCs offer mothers in Chicago, DuPage and Northern Cook County in-home and telephone consultations for breastfeeding help.

The Art of Breastfeeding is a home-based business, so Guzman and Healy go directly to the mother and baby in the nursing duo’s own home. They prefer going to the mother and baby because they can then spend time helping mom and her little one get situated with nursing in the comfort of the mother’s own home.
The Art of Breastfeeding also offers breast pump rental and sales, bra fittings, energy healing and intuitive reading for mom and baby.

And if after the first consultation, the mother needs additional help, Guzman and Healy provide unlimited ongoing support.

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