If you’re craving a bowl of homemade chili, look no further then these local favorites. See our list for the best chili in Chicago.

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Best Chili In Chicago

Best Chili In Chicago


4757 N Talman Ave.
Chicago, IL

Chili Specialties:

3 Way Chili three ingredients make up this classic dish. spaghetti covered in Cincinnati chili then topped with a huge pile of shredded mild cheddar cheese. oyster crackers come on the side- $7.75

4 Way Chili add onions or red beans to your 3 way and you have the 4 fixings to make a say it with me 4 way. oyster crackers still come on the side- $8.25

5 Way Chili top your spaghetti with Cincinnati chili, red beans, onions and our mound of shredded mild cheddar cheese and now you’re doing it loaded. and let us not forget the side of oyster crackers. this “way” is only for professionals-$8.50

Chili Mac’s

3152 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL

Chili Specialties:

Cincinnati – “Way ho Ohio!” – The chili that put Cincinnati on the culinary map. A savory, slightly sweet sensation of lean ground beef, rich tomato sauce and 15 spices, including a hint of cinnamon.

Texas Jailhouse – “Yeeha!” – A spicy-hot, brown chili fired up with serrano, poblano and jalapeño peppers.

Vegetarian – “No meat, no way!” – An abundance of vegetables and rich crushed tomatoes with tofu and a spicy kick.

Turkey – “Gobble this up!” – Our all-American bird dressed up like never before! A delicious and healthy alternative.

Chili Mac’s Chicago – 5-way chili and thin crust pizza:

1-way – solo – chili by itself
Junior = $3.45 — Regular = $4.45 — Large = $5.45

2-way – the couple – chili on a bed of thin spaghetti
Junior = $4.05 — Regular = $5.20 — Large = $6.45

3-way – the trio – chili and thin spaghetti with grated Wisconsin cheddar cheese
Junior = $4.45 — Regular = $5.95 — Large = $7.45

4-way – the group thing – for the truly adventurous add another partner to your 3-way: kidney beans or sweet onions
Junior = $4.60 — Regular = $6.20 — Large = $7.85

5-way – the crowd pleaser – chili, thin spaghetti, cheese, beans and onions – the works!
Junior = $4.75 — Regular = $6.45 — Large = $8.25

Lindy’s Chili

Best Chili In Chicago

Best Chili In Chicago

3685 S Archer Ave.
Chicago, IL

Chili Specialties:
Chili (with Beans)
Chili (without Beans)
Chili Mac
A Crock of Chili with Beans or Mac

Ramova Grill

3510 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL

Ramova Grill is known in Chicago as a house of chili. Packed with spice, fresh ingredients, and meat, their chili is great in a bowl or as a topping. Put it on top of fries, breakfast, or potatoes for spicy twist!

Chili Specialties:
Chili Bowl- $3.25
Chili Mac- $3.25
Chili Plain- $3.50
Tamale and Chili- $3.00
Chili to go- Sold in quart, Pint sizes with beans- $4.70-$7.80

All chili served with cheddar cheese- $0.50 extra