A dinner and movie is great for a date — until the dinner and movie idea gets a little old. But the great thing about this city of ours is that there are always a million different things going on at any given time and during any season. If you’re looking to impress someone new that you’re dating (or trying to date), or you’ve been seeing the same person for awhile and are looking for some new ideas to keep things fresh, then it’s important to know about different places to go and things to do when you get together. Chicagoans sometimes feel like they’ve already done everything there is to do here, but there are some new options that might surprise you. Take some time to get away from the “same ole same ole” and try something new in this great city of ours, Here are some of the best date night activities in Chicago.
(Photo Credit: Chicago Brew Bus's Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Chicago Brew Bus’s Facebook)

Chicago Brew Bus
Starting location varies per tour
Chicago, Illinois
(773) 340-BREW

Chicago is very quickly becoming a formidable beer town, and the craft beer lovers of this great city couldn’t be happier. So when two beer enthusiasts are heading out on a date together, what could be more fun than hopping aboard the Chicago Brew Bus? Considered the number one Brewery Tour in Chicago, the Chicago Brew Bus stops at several of the city’s popular breweries. Great for sampling new craft beers, you’ll each get between four and six samples at each brewery location, and if you decide to purchase a growler to take some with you, the bus will keep it chilled for you until the end of the tour.

(John Hancock Observation Deck)
875 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60610
(312) 751-3681

Wooing a date would be easy if you’ve got the entire city of Chicago as your backdrop. Ninty-four floors and 1,000 feet above the majestic Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan, 360 CHICAGO gives visitors views of the city they’ll never forget. Then for a thrill, experience the TILT, where you hold on and your window leans you out for a downward facing view that’s both fascinating and exhilarating.  And after your time taking in the Windy City, head on up to the 95th floor of the Hancock for dinner and drinks at The Signature Room, whose view isn’t exactly a slouch either!

(Photo Credit: Room Escape Adventures Chicago's Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Room Escape Adventures Chicago’s Facebook)

Room Escape Adventures
Fine Arts Building
408 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60605

Why go to a movie and watch someone else have an adventure when you can have one of your own? With Room Escape Adventures, try your hand at team building fun while you get locked in a room with others and have to depend on one another to escape. With zombie rooms, train railcars and other adventures, everyone searches for clues and communicates with one another to formulate the most successful escape plan. The most fun you can have while being logical, the Room Escape Adventures are a great way to break the ice on a date — and you’ll learn a lot about your date in the process.

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MB Financial Park At Rosemont
5501 Park Place
Rosemont, IL. 60018

If you’re not sure what to do exactly with your date, or what kind of restaurant they’ll like, then head over to MB Financial Park in Rosemont for an array of options all right at your fingertips. In the mood for a movie? Well, then there’s Muvico Theater, a beautiful and clean theater that even offers the option of taking dinner and drinks into select auditoriums. If you’re leaning towards bowling instead there’s Kings Bowling, or iFLY for an indoor skydiving adventure, and Zanies if comedy is your thing. Then there’s yet a vast selection of restaurants all just calling out to you — Adobe Gilas for Mexican cuisine, Five Roses gastro-pub (try the mozzarella sticks!), Hofbrauhaus Chicago for hearty German beer and food, the Sugar Factory for fun and unique candy-infused cocktails, Park Tavern and Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar & Grill.

Chicago Prohibition Tours
River North Neighborhood
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 221-8502

For a more unique date night activity, take a walk through the Windy City’s former self with a Chicago Prohibition Tour. On this tour, you’ll visit four former speakeasies from the Prohibition Era that are still in operation today. Visit the days of gangsters and jazz music’s beginnings and learn all about this important time in both U.S. and Chicago history. Bring a camera, grab a couple of cocktails, and take in stories about this fascinating time.

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