(Photo Credit: dmkburgerbar.com)

(Photo Credit: dmkburgerbar.com)

If there’s one cocktail that simply must be enjoyed over the holiday season, it’s eggnog. There’s something special about the mix of eggs with milk and cream that isn’t quite like ice cream, but quite tasty — especially with a shot or two of alcohol mixed in. No matter whether you like your eggnog with alcohol or without, restaurants and bakeries around Chicago have their own special take on the holiday drink.

Walnut Room (Macy’s)
111 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 781-3125

Marshall Field’s may have gotten a name change a few years back and become a Macy’s, but while some things change, other things stay the same… like the Walnut Room and the holiday traditions in this neck of the ‘woods’ in Chicago. Dining in the Walnut Room is a big holiday tradition for many families in Chicago, and one part of that is the Eggnog Alexander. This drink is creamy and delicious, with just the right amount of brandy to warm you through and through, and it’s wonderfully enjoyed beside the Macy’s Christmas tree.

DMK Burger Bar
2954 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654
(773) 360-8686

Burgers, shakes and fries, oh my. The burger joint, exclusive to the Chicago area with just four locations, has some amazing and tasty treats. Pair that grass fed burger with a shake and you’ve got a match made in heaven. With special shakes every month, come December you’ll want to try their eggnog shake, which has been made with Petersen’s ice cream and malt. Want it with alcohol, either bourbon or rum? You can do that too, for an extra few bucks.

(Photo Credit: Ceres' Table Restaurant)

(Photo Credit: Ceres’ Table Restaurant)

Ceres Table
3124 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 922-4020

Ceres Table in Lakeview may be an Italian restaurant known for its seasonal cuisine, but come winter their cocktails are seasonal too. After dining on delightful ravioli or filling pizza, finish your meal and complement your dessert — such as the fabulous Budino — with an eggnog cocktail that, in the past, has been made with Mathilde Black Currant Liqueur among other more traditional eggnog ingredients.

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Delightful Pastries
1710 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 255-0724

This pastry shop — with three locations, including in Jefferson park, Old Town and the French market downtown — has just about everything your sweet tooth could want, including cookies, brownies, cakes and mini-pastries. They also have a range of seasonal eats, including savory treats. But if it’s eggnog you have a hankering for, Delightful Pastries offers an eggnog that has plenty of rum to warm you through and through, even in Chicago’s bitter cold winter temps.

Mindy’s HotChocolate
1747 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 489-1747

Chef and owner Mindy Segal is known around Chicago for her fabulous HotChocolate shop. While the hot chocolate here, naturally, is one of the most popular items, there’s so many wonderful tasty and sweet treats, and that’s not just referring to the donuts… it includes the unbelievable eggnog, which is a favorite come the holiday season. But the eggnog itself is a hot chocolate of sorts, made as it is with white and milk chocolate, and even served with a candy cane! Pair this eggnog with a dessert and you may end up in a sugar coma, but it’ll be a happy one.

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