By Natalie Kuchik

You won’t get a cheap thrill at any of these haunted houses in Chicago because they are all geared towards scaring the living daylights out of adults. If you are going to shell out money to be entertained this Halloween season, then you want to get your money’s worth. These places are worth every penny. All of those on the list will have you maneuvering through elaborate and terrifying sets while encountering professionals who look like they just stepped off a horror movie set. These are the best haunted houses for adults in Chicago to get your adrenaline pumping and your heartbeat racing.

(Credit: Asylum Xperiment Haunted House’s facebook)

Asylum Xperiment
1033 N. Villa Ave.
Villa Park, IL 60181
(630) 941-9292

Dates: Now through October 31

At this haunted house for adults, you will get three different experiences for the price of one. At the Asylum Xperiment, you will first enter The House which features zombies, ghouls, special effects, illusions and Hollywood-style sets. Next, you will venture through Blackout which is a maze of darkness featuring creatures ready to scare you at every twist and turn. Lastly, you will go through Armageddon which is a place overrun by zombies that feed off your fear. The Asylum Xperiment offers VIP tickets for $40 which gets you everything a regular ticket will plus limited waiting in line. Parking is free, there is indoor waiting and beer and food is available to purchase.

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(Credit: Dream Reapers Haunted House)

Dream Reapers
1945 Cornell Ave.
Melrose Park, IL 60160
(708) 344-2084

Dates: Now through October 31

The year 2012 marks Dream Reapers’ 13th and final season. This haunted house for adults is something you will want to experience before it is too late. During your frightening time at Dream Reapers, you will travel through over 22 rooms containing high-tech animatronics and professional actors playing characters only recognizable from nightmares. This haunted house has skip-the-line VIP tickets for $35, is wheel chair accessible and offers free parking.


Massacre Haunted House
3440 Odyssey Court
Naperville, IL 60563
(708) 320-3327

Dates: Now through November 3

Not only is the Massacre Haunted House geared towards adults, but it is also a custom-built haunted house. You will roam through over 35 rooms featuring mazes, animatronics and actors whose sole job is to make it a frightening experience. For an extra $3, you can visit the Fear Factory 3D which is a second haunt packed with 3D effects. If you purchase your ticket online, you will save $3 and there is also a coupon you can print via the website that will get you into the Fear Factory 3D for free.


Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead
17250 S. Weber Road
Crest Hill, IL 60441
(877) 722-7332

Dates: Now through November 3

The Statesville Haunted Prison is run by the Warden, the Demon of Darkness. He is in charge of some of the scariest and most terrifying prisoners including the sisters who murdered their parents and look like they belong in the movie “The Ring.” You will also be fighting to get away from clowns that aren’t the kind you see at children’s birthday parties, they are in full-on horror movie makeup. Making it through Statesville Haunted Prison is only half the battle because you will then go through a second haunted house called City of the Dead full of fantastic characters and sets. Tickets are $30 and if you do not want to wait in line, you can get a VIP ticket for $40. No one under the age of 10 is allowed in, so leave the kids at home when attending this Chicago haunted house.

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Fear City
8240 N. Austin Ave.
Morton Grove, IL 60053
(224) 888-1031

Dates: Now through October 31

Fear City offers two haunted houses for adults to roam through in one location. Emmy-nominated set designers have created a world of Chicago-themed horror at Fear City that both scares and impresses the guests. What would a Chicago horror-themed attraction be without a simulated ride on a CTA L-train? This is how your journey through Fear City begins. The lobby is just as entertaining as the actual haunted house, but if you want to skip the line, you can pay an extra $10. Refreshments are available on site to purchase at the snack shop and parking is free. If you want to go through the haunted house a second time that same night, than you can purchase a $10 readmission ticket at the snack shop.

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